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Hi. I am about to get my first car but I need a little help. I did want an import but it turns out that I have to get an american one. So what american car is good to get? I want something that has reasonable power, cheap, and good to modify but nothing too common like a Mustang, Neon, etc.

posted by  htownturbo

Search these forums and the web. Opinions are plentiful.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Try looking online and in magazines and stuff... like autotrader and such.

posted by  Monty

The truth is, something thats not too common will have a downside, which will be why its not common. So be sure to know everything about the car you want to get before you buy it. Read it's reviews, specifications etc.

posted by  KhanArtisT

Well when I bought my first car, I bought a daytona and fixed up a muscle car on the side. Daytonas can be had cheaply with a stock turbo and intercooler. Not ultra high-po, but fun little cars. The faily common Turbo 2 engine, stock in many daytonas, puts out 174hp, and since it already has a turbo, can be readily modded. The cab and the trunk are open, so a decent set of subs sounds really really nice in there. Those cars also could be had with a Turbo 1 engine, with 150hp, just a T2 without an intercooler. There's the VariableNozzleTurbo Turbo 3 engine, extrememly rare and hard to find. There's also the Turbo 4 enigne with 224hp, made in the early 90's, and also harder to find. But when you do buy something, make sure it's a standard. Unless you get a V8 car, then you can do with an auto if you have to, IMO.

posted by  DaytonaTurbo

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