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Own a Cavalier or Sunfire? Looking to meet other car enthusiast, hang out, and show off your car...and in general just have fun?

Well Simply J is your answer. Were a New and up coming car club dedicated to J-body’s. And we are looking to take the east coast by storm!

Who are we? We’re based out of Maryland with members reaching into Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, and Michigan and hoping to expand though out the east coast.

What do we do? We will have meets; attend car shows, cookouts, and much more. We are currently looking for club sponsorships to help out with sponsoring car shows and possibly with “Our Rides”!

How do I find out more? You can contact RC for more information, or Check out the Website!

E-mail: AIM: RCs Type J
YIM: RCs_TypeJ Phone: 540-408-7123

Simply J website:

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