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has anyone seen the 2005 GTO? as soon as the 2004 came out i knew pontiac would have to make some changes within the next 2 years or the legend would die again

posted by  industwetrust22

Yah its looking great! Plus im reading its gonna have a 6.0L 400HP engine option. That car will be pretty quick! The 2004 owners are probably pissed.

posted by  speedy266

Yeah, that 04 was a pos. The interior looked great, but the outside looked way too bland for the price.

posted by  DaytonaTurbo

That was the point...a throw-back to the hey-day of muscle cars. The 64 GTO was a tempest with a different engine/rear option. You think that car looked racy or aggressive? wasn't until the late-60's that GTO's started to get mean looking. Have you seen the '07 prototypes? They plan to do a redesign on it then and it looks sweet.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

400HP for 33K? That sounds pretty good. But, is it for the same price as the 2004s? I feel sorry for those who bought the 2004s.

I still don't like the design though. I would go for the new Evo for the looks.

posted by  zook83

It needs that 400hp LS2 so badly, I'm glad GM got in their right mind and are putting it in there for 05. It was just way too underpowered with an LS1 putting out only 350hp in a nearly 3800lb car. I hope they increase the width of the tires too, the 245mm rear tires are just too skinny. I guess now is the right time to buy a 2004, afterall, like all other GM cars right now, it's on a massive discount, and pick up a brand new GTO for only $26,000.

Another car that finally got a power increase that needed it was the SSR, the price is still $10,000 way too high, but at least it isnt hauling around 4500+lbs now with only 300hp (new one has 390hp).

posted by  thunderbird1100

So the 2006 Z06 is gonna have a 7.0L 500HP engine(should see the Z06 spy pics, the rear wheels are PHAT :laughing:) , Theres talks about a Z06-R edition from 2007 with 550HP or 575HP with paddle shift and some other racing insipred addons.

posted by  speedy266

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