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Hey all, my Cavalier is a 96, and I just wanted to hear from some others who have 96'ers about their cars. I had a few questions, and I was wondering if they're normal in these cars, and what anyone has done to fix them, or if they're experiencing the same symptoms/problems. Car is closing in on 255,000 Kms.

1. It sounds like I'm popping popcorn when I drive :laughing: It sounds like the strut mounts are gone, but up until now, I had assumed that there were only struts in the front, but this noise is coming from the back. I don't know how long to leave this as I'm not sure if it will hurt anything, or if it's just really really annoying ..?

2. Clutch I think is on its last legs. I've never replaced it yet - but it seems soft, and not as responsive as it used to be - anyone know how to check for sure (short of taking it into a garage and say 'gouge me'?) :)

That's it for now. I'm always scared of asking dumb questions like these, but they're driving me crazy. :screwy:

I'd also ask the stealer, but I don't care for them very much. :cussing:

Thanks in advance for any advice/info anyone can offer.


posted by  Zerzil

1. No, not normal.

2. Other than experience I don't know how to tell you how you'd know if it's weak or not over the internet.

posted by  DodgeRida67

I have a 96 Cavalier LS, but it's only at 98k miles, and I never drive it fast, so I can't say I can relate to any of your problems yet.

posted by  ThirdeYe

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