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Hello, i recently did a tune-up on my car. new cap, rotor, wires, plugs, fuel filter, and pcv. For some reason i dont know why, but i am recieving 10 mpg and it is really hurting my wallet.. i think somethingthat may be connected to it is my poor acceleration in 2nd gear. Can someone give me any ideas? thanks!

o yea and the car is a 89 Ford Mustang 2.3L SFI

posted by  jstang209

There are a few of things that could cause this. The most likely culprits are;

1. You're calculating your mileage incorrectly. This wouldn't be the first time I've seen this happen.

2. If you are in fact getting 10 mpg the car will be running extremely rich and you'll have a plume of black smoke following you around. First stop is a visual inspection to see if you knocked off (or didn't reinstall) any vacuum hoses. Second stop is a scan tool to check for codes and get back with us.

3. Unless you're driving around with the parking brake applied or possibly by coincidence you have a brake dragging.

That pretty much covers it until you report back. Or we're interupted by a 30 year old who thinks he has more years of experience than me.

posted by  vwhobo

Just curious, What type of car do you own?

Because judging from your login name, it's a mustang. And judging by you saying you have a 4 cylinder, that means you have an old underpowered late 80's/early 90's mustang, with no balls whatsoever.

Unless of course, and I'm probably wrong because I don't know much about mustangs, but didn't ford release a turbo 4 in the mustang? The same engine in the Merkur?

posted by  Zalight


Now i feel like a Jackass... :oops:

You say your car right there at the end of your post. God, I'm retarded.

But anyway, did ford release a turbo 4 mustang at anytime?

posted by  Zalight

yea its the gay 2.3L N/A, its just my gas saving daily driver which it hasnt been doin, i also have a 5.0 too so yea, but ford did realease turbo 2.3 4 cyl in 79-86 with hp rating all different by the years

posted by  jstang209

Yea I'd seen turbos in the 4 cylinder mustangs before but wasn't sure if they had been added on or were stock.

posted by  Zalight

From '79-'81 there was an optional turbo 2.3L that was rated at 131 hp...in '82 there was no turbo 2.3L option. They picked back up with it in '83 and it produced 145hp and in '84 power went up to 155 and in '84-85 these motors were standard in Turbo GT models...obviously. in '86 the turbo 2.3L was gone from GT models and was available only in SVO models in which the hp soared to 205hp...then the turbo 2.3L was only seen in t-birds and cougars up to '87 when the cougar dropped the 2.3L option and the t-bird continued with it until the '89 model year when the body style changed and in came the Super Coupe and XR-7's. (cougars/t-birds were available with the turbo 2.3L from '83-86 in a 5-speed only, in '87 after the turbo cougar left, the turbo T-bird was available in an auto but the hp rating was lower due to a smaller turbo-supposedly ford didn't want to send those AOD's to their grave too early) Also, the only 2.3L turbo motors that were factory intercooled were the '86 SVO mustang and the '87-'88 T-bird turbo coupe...but that intercooler equipment is a direct bolt on to the non-intercooled models.

Hope this helps you in some way or another. Figured I'd help clear the air. Any questions related to these turbo 2.3 motors...feel free to PM me.

As far as your lack of fuel economy...make sure you didn't install your fuel filter backwards and that it is fully seated and cliped in(i'm not ripping on you mechanical ability, but hey we all make mistakes once in a while)...Stranger things have happened.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

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