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I currently have a 1999 4 Cylinder beater Toyota Camry. It is currently in the body shop getting detailed and repainted for sale. I intend to get about $5000 for it and I have another $7000 in the bank. What do you recommend me buying? I am looking for something quick off the line with a manual transmission. If i can find a car for $7-9k I will invest the rest of my money into performance and exterior body work. Any ideas?

posted by  Confessions

Thats exactly like my Camry... whats wrong with it? Mines a 99 and still running strong! (Sorta...)

posted by  StiMan

if u want a used car, go 4 a honda accord....

if u want a new car 4 that price, u should check out some brands like Suzuki, Kia, or Hyundai

hope i helped

posted by  mark_X

A Honda Accord wont be very fast off the line stock...

Try a DSM or, maybe, an old WRX or STi... :2cents:

posted by  StiMan

I suggest you get a twin turbo 300zx, you can get them for less then 8 grand and they're very fast cars. Or, if your willing to buy a car off ebay, you can use the advanced search features on ebay motors and look for a car less then 9 grand or whatever your price is. Just do some research man, you'll find something.

posted by  Zalight

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