83 camaro Question a:Misfireing in one cylinder, and qb:Choke not working when cold.

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I got a 83 Camaro, v6, as i start it up (when the engine is cold) i can hear a cylinder misfire, but after i get it rolling it stops misfireing up until i hit around 65 miles anhour, i have checked the spark plugs, wires, and Distrubter cap, and it all looks good, any suggestions on how to fix this? Btw it is a Automatic (old lady owned it before me) and has around 8000 miles on it. Heres question b:

Basicly when my engine is cold, my choke doesnt seem to want to work very well, im not to experanced with cars (got a repair manul for this but its not very clear when it comes to this problem) is there any way to fix this problem short from doing a rebuild of the Carberator?


Firebreed aka 83camaro

posted by  83camaro

A quick update.. forgot to mention that im gonna be replaceing the Sparkplugs, wires, and distupter cap sometime this weekend, not sure about how old they are, and ill let you know if that fixes the problem with the cylinder misfireing :crosses fingers:


posted by  83camaro

OK. Let us know how that goes.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Well, i fixed the Misfireing problem (not sure if it was the sparkplug wires, distrubitor cap, or the plugs themselvs) but the choke is still not fuctioning right... (hard to keep the car idleing when cold)


posted by  83camaro

Is it stuck open? Stuck shut? Will it open/close freely?

EDIT: Going on the clues in what you said it's probably stick open.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Well it opens and closes freely, from what i can tell (took off air cleaner and checked if it was sticking, and it wasn't)

If you need any other details let me know

posted by  83camaro

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