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My car, a Hyundai Accent, has served me well but she is almost dead. I can only unlock one door and one outside handle is broken. The front bumper fell off due to an accident and now she sounds funny, too. She lasted ten years, though.

What is a good safe car for a family? I have a hubby and 3 kids. Asthetics are great but I am so much more concerned with safety. I worry....:driving: (

posted by  atlantisrising

What about another Hyundai? If that one worked for that long...

Or a Toyota Camry, or Corrola.. those are great cars... Or a Honda Civic or Accord..?

posted by  StiMan

minivans or SUVs are excellent 4 families....

if u want an inexpensive minivan, try the Kia Sedona or Dodge Caravan....they can be as low as around $19,000 after rounding up...if you want something more expensive, try a Honda Odyssey, Nissan Quest, Chrysler Town & Country, and u know the rest....

hope i helped! :thumbs:

posted by  mark_X

btw, 4 suvs, the honda pilot (255 hp 3.5 liter V6) is good (stiman recommended it) :wink2:

ya know, the Nissan Murano is nice, has 245 hp and it has a nice interior... :thumbs:

posted by  mark_X

Good point! The Honda Pilot is great... if you want a real good SUV try the Pilot, or the Toyota Highlander, gonna get a Hybrid version next year! (Go me... lol), or a good minivan such as the Sienna by Toyota... Just some options.. :2cents:

posted by  StiMan

Thanks, I will look up some of those SUV's and minivans. I think we also outgrew the Accent, lol. A concern, though, I always hear bad things about some SUV's flipping over. Are there certain ones that are known for that or is it a general thing among SUV's? I really wouldn't mind having one, so long as it was stable.

posted by  atlantisrising

If I remember correctly, the Toyota SUV I recommended earlier has one of the highest rollover protection percentages in the buisness...

If you want space and performance of an SUV without rollover:

Subaru Outback, or a Dodge Magnum.. (The Subaru would be best...)

:2cents: :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

I'd recommend the Accord. Has top safety ratings in every category (has side curtain airbags) and is very roomy. Its been the top Family Sedan for at least 15 years now (most appeared car on the Car and Driver 10 best, it has appeared on top 19 out of a possible 23 times).

posted by  thunderbird1100

Check out the Cobalt/Pursuit or the G6 or Grand Prix, if u like real small check out the Aveo/Wave the Epica is nice to. GM has a whole heap of totally brand new/ redesigned cars/trucks coming out all within a short time period should check em out.

posted by  speedy266

This is just a hunch but seeing her try to fit 3 growing kids and her husband into an Aveo or Cobalt just seems to not be working out in my mind :laughing:

posted by  thunderbird1100

If you are looking into SUV's and are worried about rolling over, try searching for some with stability systems. (Example: GM's Stabilitrak, or Daimler-Chrysler's ESP, etc...)

Hope everything works out! :thumbs:

posted by  moostang104314

More SUV Ideas: Chrysler Pacifica, Dodge Durango, Jeep Liberty or Grand Cherokee (New for 2005)... and my previously stated vehicles... :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

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