Mercury Tracer without panal lights!!

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hello, hope everything is fine out there, but my electrical eyestem, is running, me crazy :banghead: for some reason, on my Tracer, has places, with no power, i have no lights, in the dash, but the other lights ( dash heater radeo lights work flashers work, signal lights work,) and all the lights around the car work even the head lights work, but the hiway beams do not come on, unless i pull the handle back and hold it, and all the red lights come on, when i try to start the car could all the lights be burned out, i have tested all fusses, and there fine, could it be the signal switch thats out , please help, and thankyou.

posted by  mindonni

just put in new bulbs to fix the burned out one to fix your car

posted by  AutoPro

.......Coulda fooled me.....

posted by  99integra

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