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i want to know if my 2001 Grand Prix GTP will beat my buddies 2001 Chev Monte Carlo SS. i want to know for sure before i start to mod my car, i would just race him but hes away for a few months and i don't want to wait for him to come back to start modding.

posted by  Judiquer_10

Well, I think you need to give us more details buddy. Because right now, we dont know if your buddy has modded his car yet. It doesnt only depend on power, you must be able to drive well too.

posted by  Step Up

It depends on many things. Your driving ability, your cars acceleration rate, your cars top speed, your cars cornering and handling abilities.

posted by  The_Wheelman

Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

L67 Supercharged 3.8 Liter V6 - 240hp @ 5,200
280 ft/lbs of torque @ 3,600
2 valves per cylinder
Redline: 6000 rpm
Transmission: 4-speed automatic, heavy-duty, electronically controlled with overdrive
Front Wheel Drive
Curb Weight: 3606 lbs

Pontiac Grand Prix GTP

3.8L 3800 Series III V6 SFI, Supercharged with Electronic Throttle Control (260 HP [149.2 kW] @ 5200 rpm, 280 lb-ft [378.0 N-m] @ 3600 rpm)
4-speed automatic, electronically controlled, with overdrive
Front Wheel Drive
Curb Weight: 3583 lbs

They are basically the same car. Same engine (the SC'ed 3800), same transmission, same drive layout (FWD), and the weight difference is only 23 lbs. The question is, whose waistline is bigger?

posted by  abless

Thats wat i thought when i read the question. It'll be very close it'll be hard to tell which car dominates, depends on reaction times and driving skills. Also the condition of the car and components. Clean parts weight less therefore can spin faster with the same force. Less friction also causes the same. Lube all the pullies and minimize drivetrain loss, Aerodynamics also plays a role. But yah i bet the cars are within 0.2seconds for 0-60mph of each other.

posted by  speedy266

Impala??? He said his friend has a monte carlo...

posted by  S_DemonSpeed_S

Sorry. Wrong name. It actually was the Monte Carlo. Thanks for correcting me.

posted by  abless

No prob

posted by  S_DemonSpeed_S

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