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Does anyone know what size the neon stock speakers are?

I bought a new Pioneer stereo for my daughter last year and would now like to upgrade the stock speakers.

The power peak for the stereo is 50 so I would like to find some speakers to accomadate this but I don't want to overkill it. I also don't want something cheap but not real spendy either.
With this in mind what would be a good brand of speakers to go with? JVC, Pioneer, Kenwood....

Thanks in advance,

posted by  Debbie25

the rear are 6x9 and go with pioneer

posted by  blk90gtz

try wall mart..lolz..look for the blaupunkt i think they are just as good as the above brands and they should have them for a reasonable price..they're black and the driver itself is a transparent blue they call them blaupunkt's t-line ..they handel 50 rms each+150 max power.by what u said youre deck probably only puts out 25 rms per chanel..so u should have no worries with a set....

posted by  99hatch

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