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My wife's Mercury Mystique has an automatic trasmission and ever so randomly it decides one day that it wants to up shift and down shift real hard at random times. It is like with a manual transmission if you leave your foot on the gas pressed about half way down, put in the clutch shift up or down, and then let go of the clutch as apposed to slowly letting off the clutch. It jerks the car real bad. As soon as it does that it goes back to the previous gear it was in and then will randomly repeat the process over and over. We already paid $2700 to repair the damage this has caused to the transmission, bunch of broken drums and such I don;t really know I am a computer nerd not a mechanic. They told us that it would fix the problem but it has not and will probably destroy the trasmission again. Any idears on what it could be. I am thinking computer is being retarded esp because the problem happens randomly.


posted by  Gohtar345

I definately suspect a tranny problem, it`s either slipping (could be from worn bands, burnt oil) or maybe ur lock-up is acting up. Not sure if u have a lock-up tho, but chances are that yes, and it may well be electronically controlled.

Check the trans oil for the hell of it, see if it isn`t black or if it smells burnt.
Other than that, i dunno.

(shall i prepare to be flamed or....) lol

posted by  Carcass

u need to know anything on a mercury u let me know i had a 95 i replaced everything .....u need a new tranny trust me or a motor mount at the least

posted by  nickcamaro

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