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Hey all, I am trying to figure out how to install a kill/immoblizer switch on my 89 camaro RS. the problem is this.....It is not in that great of shape, but the engine runs pretty decent for being as old as it is. I think there is around 180K on it right now, but I cant bring myself to get rid of it. its a great backup car, and has been dependable in the past so....anyway, this is what happens.....starting the car is no problem, but in order to shut if off, I have to get out, open the hood, and then disconnect the battery cable. What I was thinking, is that I could probably install a kill switch or immoblizer and that would cut the process down considerably. that way I could interrupt the current to the battery without having to lift the hood, etc. the only problem is, the guys at the local Auto-zone seem to be just out of the high schools co-op program and look at me with blank stares when I tell them what I am trying to accomplish. if ANYONE has any such knowledge, general or otherwise, on installing these kill switches I would be very greatfull for you sharing it with me. Thank you!

posted by  CaptBacardi

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