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Hey I'm getting my first car and it turns out that I have to get a domestic. Which one of these is the best for reliability, reasonable power, good price, tunability(sp?), and best on insurance? Please explain why if you can. I'm am going to be modifying a little bit too.

posted by  htownturbo

well, I shoud take a Dodge Charger from '69...much more exiting!!!! :hi:

posted by  Amras

Except for the reliability, price, and insurance. :screwy:

posted by  abless

T/A or Camaro are better. I'd pick the T/A because A. they look better and B. They handle better.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Hey not trying to push my car like it's the shit or anything, but have you thought about a GTP? Insurance won't be near any of those and with minimal cheap mods you can make it a mid 13 sec car easy (but it's FWD). Just a thought. But if you are firm on those three then I would say a 99+ GT

posted by  TokyoJoe

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