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I have a 1985 firebird and my step dad and I are looking for a new engine that runs a little better. Right now i have a 305 and i wanna get a 350 but he wanted me to find out if it'll bolt up the same first...does a 350 bolt up the same as a 305 or would i be needing a lot of new parts to get one instead of a 305?

posted by  Schalchlin05

Im pretty sure its the same block..youre 305 has smaller pistons ..that makes up for the loss in cubic inch

posted by  99hatch

They are both small block chevys. Of course it will bolt up. From a 262 to a 400ci small block the motor mounts are in the same place. The carburated 3rd gen Firebird came with a Rotchester Quadrajet carburator that uses the points system distributor. You're going to want to go to a junkyard and get your hands on a GM HEI distributor with a vaccum advance and a different carburator. For a simple swap i'd recommend an Edelbrock or a Demon carb. Upgrade to polyurethane motor mounts while you're at it.

posted by  duzz

Pretty fair advice, except... The General hasn't has a kettering style ignition on a SBC since 1973. I don't know where you get the idea that a 3rd generation Fireturd came with points, but you're wrong. Factory HEI from '74 up.

posted by  vwhobo

my mistake. i'm thinking of computer controlled hei. i knew there was a pain-in-the-ass about those cars i just forgot what it was. The car uses computer controlled hei assuming its carburated, which would be a good idea to swap out of.

posted by  duzz

was it '74 ? I thought it was like '76 or '77

posted by  AustinBelair

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