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Hi I will be soon getting a camaro and have around 10,000 dollars to spend. I would like you to tell me what owuld be the best camaro for that money. Some specs and pics links or anything with information on it would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

posted by  Kris

if i had ten grand to spend on a camaro i would go with a 1993 camaro v-6 only arounf 4000 grand for the car beat the crap out of the engine and swap it in for a 350 or 327 cheap easy to find engines you can do a lot of stuff to the cars.

posted by  talongod33

Depending on where you live, i would get a camaro that you can change out the engine, while stil being able to drive it around legally (IE: in californa a 1974 and older car does not have to go through smog) so i would get a camaro that is pre 1974.

83camaro (ill try to get some pics off of google of older style camaros)

posted by  83camaro

I would get a 93-95 Camaro Z/28. Then you should still have enough $ left over for an intake, headers, Y pipe, and catback.

posted by  Mykdiver

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