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Just a quick easy question...

Someone busted the window to my brother-in-law's 1995 ford taurus, when they tried to break into it. I wanted to help him out and open the door up, but I don't know how to take off the interior door panel.

any help would be great!

posted by  ugaskidawg

I would try to pry off the door panels but I don't know if that would damage it.

posted by  99integra

have a look around the edge of the panel and any where where screws might be consiled ie door bins, speaker recesses etc

posted by  cinqyg

You need a special tool, it's somewhat of a "Fork" so to speak. It'll pop off the plugs on the inside of the pannel, you need that tool to pop off these little plugs. You can get these anywhere, it'll probably run you $20.00 to $30.00, so buying it for a onetime use would be stupid. See if you can borrow one somehow.

posted by  '89Camry

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