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Well guys, I've seen pictures of the 2006 Monte Carlo, Impala AND Charger. I must say that I am extremely disappointed. The Monte Carlo V8 is a plus, but has no RWD or good looks. I admit, I haven't seen one in person and maybe they do look better in person. Until I see one, I won't know. The rear end looks similar to the 2000-2005 Monte's, but if you ask me I'd rather buy a 2004 Supercharged SS. The 2006 Monte needed to look more like a Monte and have RWD w/ a V8. The Impala looks like an Altima and the Charger SEDAN (yes a 4-door, not 2 door like it should be) looks like the Magnum. I am not impressed. These three cars had a good legacy. I think that Chevrolet will soon see the same fate as Oldsmobile and Plymouth. :banghead: Here is where you will find the pics cheersandgears.com.

Now, these are real Monte Carlo's:

http://montecarloclub.com/Member%20Photos%2073%20-%2077/David%20Caniglia%20 77%20Front%20Left.jpg


http://dustins76montecarlo.8m.net/images/dark_cherry_1986_chevrolet_monte_c arlo_ss.jpg

These are real Impala's:
http://memimage.cardomain.net/member_images/2/web/674000-674999/674696_9_fu ll.jpg

http://memimage.cardomain.net/member_images/8/web/344000-344999/344722_11_f ull.jpg

AND this is a real Charger:
http://memimage.cardomain.net/member_images/4/web/592000-592999/592463_1_fu ll.jpg

posted by  76MonteMan

I agree with you 110%. It seems as if GM is afraid to go that extra step and bring back a real muscle car. I've wondered for quite awhile why they haven't put a v8, rwd, standard Monte Carlo into production. Same with the Charger, it should not have that family car look.

posted by  Don Meagher

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