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Well, Daewoo is now officially branded as Chevrolet here in the UK and in Europe too I believe, as far as I'm concerned this is a great move for Daewoo, I mean lets face it, the company wasn't going anywhere as it stood. I'm no fan of Chevrolet, but even I think that's a better, more trusted name than Daewoo lol, I'm interested to find out what CF's US members think of this move, I'm also curious as to whether US spec Chevys to be sold over there in the States, will from now on be the same as UK varients and vise-versa, or will it be the same as Ford's UK and US divisions?

One thing that baffles me though, is Daewoo/Chevrolets decition to keep the totom pole which stands at the entrance to all dealerships saying "Daewoo service" now surely that's nothing to go bragging about and is far from reasurring. lol :ticking:

posted by  Cliffy

I'm just trying to figure out why anything pertaining to Daewoo is in the domestic cars forum. Last I checked Korea is still in Asia.

posted by  vwhobo

I just figured that it's as much to do with a US manufacturer as it is an Asian one...I did think about putting it in the General section given that it was about cars from different sides of the world, but in the end I chose here

posted by  Cliffy

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