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ok some of you narrow minded fools might throwing shiet at me for asking dis Question.....

a few times i see this mustang that says COBRA on the back bumper of a mustang.....what is that mean? is it like some kind of a trim?? i doubt it,jus want to make sure. i also see one that says SALEEN on da back bumper....if im not wrong it is like firebird and trans-am right? trans-am is a higher performance trim of firebird. so jus tell me if im right or wrong and which is better the one that says saleen or the one dat says cobra....

posted by  BigBadBrat

The Cobra brand with bite you and the Saleen brand will trample you.

posted by  DodgeRida67

the cobra means more power.....the SVT Cobra comes with even more power.
First there is the coupe, then a coupe GT, then a convertible, then a GT convertible, then the Mach 1, and finally the Cobra and the SVT Cobra.

posted by  Alpha Lobo

Saleen is a company which chooses Mustang as a forum for creating powerful vehicles, so they take V8, as well as some V6 Mustangs and modify them to have increased amounts of horsepower and torque, as well as adding some Saleen features, such as body kits, etc. and then sell them for large sums of money, this is the same as Roush. They are expensive and they are powerful. The top of the top of the top of all Mustangs, basically. Also as Alhpa said the Mustang comes in a variety of trims, where the Cobra is near the top end, with only the SVT being more powerful, this being straight from Ford, without outside company interference such as Saleen or Roush. Hope this helps you understand better.

posted by  Flame Roller

There was also the sports cosmetic "Cobra" pack on 2.3 turbo and 5.0 Mustangs of 1979-81. The cars with the Cobra snake graphic on the hood, "Cobra" name decals, foilers and those metric TRX rims.

posted by  e12Euro

so the one that says saleen on the back is like "AC Schnitzer" ac schnitzer built the higher performance of the bmw Z4. saleen is outside company same as ac schnitzer....

the SVT is made straight from FORD, the SALEEN is an outside company that modified the mustang, the COBRA is from shelby...

am i understanding correctly?? so if they let you choose which mustang will you go for? saleen,cobra or svt?

posted by  BigBadBrat

yes sir, it looks like you got it

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oh yea 4got about roush...roush is an outside company too.

so which mustang does people most go for? and which is the most expensive?

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my guess wold be the saleen

posted by  mazda6man

4got to ask dis.....is the SVT Cobra mustang and and Cobra mustang the same? or different?

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SVT is Fords current in house performance brand for building production cars. FFR is the aftermarket brand inside Ford that makes performance and racing parts (some of which SVT uses) All came from SVO which was Fords Special Vehicle Operations which made it's mark in '84 with the turbo 2.3 liter SVO Mustang.

Cobra Mustangs are all Ford. In the '60s, Carrol Shelby built and sold tuned versions of Mustangs through Ford (much like Roush and Saleen do now), but they were not Cobra Mustangs. They were Shelby GT350 and GT500 Mustangs. The Cobra name was reserved for his 2 seat roadster powered by 289s and 427/428s. When Shelby got out of that portion of the business in '68, he sold the rights to the Cobra name to Ford, who used it on the performance versions of the Torino from '68-71.

In '75, when Ford brought out the V8 version of the Mustang II, they released an option package called the Cobra II (and for the last year of the Mustang II, the King Cobra). For the first years of the Fox Mustangs, ('78-82) the Cobra was the top performance version of the Mustang, in both turbo 2.3 liter form, and 5 liter form. It was dropped in '83, with the Mustang GT being the top model. The Cobra name was dropped for a few years, until the last year of the Fox Mustang (1993), when the newly formed SVT group built the '93 Mustang Cobra, which had more power than the previous top of the line Mustang GT.

From that point onward, the Mustang Cobra was the top performance model, built in-house by Fords SVT group (who also made the Lightning, SVT Contour and SVT Focus). All of them have had the word "Cobra" embossed into the rear bumper, as well as the Cobra logo, and usually a small SVT logo on the rear of the car.

The ONLY "Cobra" by Shelby is the original AC Cobra 289 and 427. Shelby has never built a Mustang Cobra.

posted by  ChrisV

ahh so dis da story behind mustang....

i never knew mustang have so many version! cobra sounds aggressive but then saleen sounds more super! saw the saleen s7!

posted by  BigBadBrat

This car is perhaps the vehicle I would say has best weathered the storm of time, with Camaro/Firebird gone for the past few years, and at the very least a few more years to come, we see that Mustang has outlasted each and every vehicle from the Muscle car era. While I personally like Firebirds better I do say hats off to Ford, for making a great car since 1964.

posted by  Flame Roller

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