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hi everybody. i am wondering about what kind of visual (rims, tires, etc.) and performance products there are for a 1998 Dodge Neon Sport- it has the 2.0 liter 4 banger, puts out 150 hp. my dad got rid of the big plastic intake thing, and put 17" PT Cruiser Rims (eew) on it. he also lowered it and put some Eibach springs in it. i want to replace the rims, and they can only be 17" or smaller due to the lowering. my budget is about $1000, maybe $1500 if i have to. thanks for your help.

posted by  SuperJew

go get some 14" panda sports, they rock.

posted by  (o) (o)

any pics? im too lazy to look them up myself. :D

posted by  SuperJew

You put PT Cruiser "rims" on it? Wouldn't they have been easier to mount if you used the entire wheel? Or are you trying to impress us with ebonics as your second language?

posted by  vwhobo

Probably not now, check my reply in Off Topic.

posted by  vwhobo

Hahahaha Ebonics as a second language?

VWhobo, you are my hero :D :D

posted by  Motorhead

Sell it and get an srt-4 ;)

posted by  bellaco

You should go to, someone there should tell you how to hook your Neon up.

posted by  joblo1978

I went to<> ( and there was nothing of the sort there... :( ;)

posted by  BavarianWheels

oh and i am unwilling to rice up my car. ricing is for faggots. and for Japanese cars- a neon isnt japanese joblo

posted by  SuperJew

hmmm lets do the math here. my neon is worth..hmm..maybe $3K. how much is the SRT-4....maybe $20,000? u see it doesn't work out. u really need to think about these things before you post. :rolleyes:

posted by  SuperJew

here ya go, go here and pay attention to what they did
they tossed a 3.0L V6 in there, and then tossed an Eaton blower on it
now it sticks outta the hood (

the hood looks like complete ***, but i'd bet someone would think "Hey! rice! easy kill!"

i personally can easily think of what i'd rather do, but hey, if you got the money, and want to do it, go for it

posted by  asa67_stang

holy jesus! thats gotta be a screamer....

and yeah the hood looks like shit.

posted by  SuperJew

bigtime sleeper, thats crazy

posted by  mazda6man

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