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Hey guys, I haven't posted here in a while, but I want to know what you guys think of a future project.

I plan on buying a late model 2nd gen Camaro or Firebird. I'm thinking of going with a 79 6.6L Trans Am. However, these cars are few and far between in Miami. As it is going to be a project car, I'd like to buy it for anywhere from $500 to $1,500. Is this a realistic price for a banged up 2nd gen?

When I get the car, if it doesn't have an engine/tranny, I'd like to drop a 350 SBC into it, hoping to get the most amount of power for the lowest price. I'd like the tranny to be a 5 speed manual, do you have any suggestions?

If you have any advice, or know of anyone selling a 79-81 T/A in South Florida, let me know. Thanks for reading.

posted by  CoRPS

In the southern states, or the west, that's not an unreasonable amount to expect to pay for a late 2nd gen in need of work. In the northeast, it just wouldn't happne, as they are very hard to come by with no rust, and are priced accordingly.

If you find a Camaro, go with the 350. If you go with a Trans Am, (especially a '79 6.6) your best bang for the buck is the engine that's in it. Seriously. In stock form, the smogged Olds 403 in those was pretty doggy, but with a VERY small amount of money, will wake right up. Two fellow car club members had '79 Trans Ams when I was there, and I had a '78 trans Am with the same drivetrain. Recurve the stock HEI distributor for faster actuation, rejet the stock quadrajet, and add headers/TRUE dual exhaust, and the car goes from being a 16 second quarter mile car to a 13 second one. Serious. It'll still only rev to 4500 rpm, but it'll wake right up (the stock exhaust is seriously choked off, and the ignition/carburation is choked to match).

posted by  ChrisV

Thanks for the info. Would you have any idea how I could go about finding one of these Trans Am's (I think my mind is set on a T/A as I like the body styling better). I checked on collectorcartraderonline.com and the only thing I can find cost a minimum of 9,000.00. I haven't gotten a chance to pick up a Classic AutoTrader, but I don't imagine anything would be in there either.

posted by  CoRPS

Ever think to try Ebay?
http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=6427&item =4519756263&rd=1

posted by  lectroid

Problem with Ebay is finding a car near you, not to say there isn't a 'search by location' feature, I just haven't found it.

posted by  CoRPS

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