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I just bought a 1996 monte calro z34 and was wondering if anyone knew where i could get any performance and other after market parts.

I have looked everywhere for them. :banghead:

posted by  monteofdoom

what motor is it? that is a bit of useful info

posted by  Coffin Type R

3.4l automatic transmission(z34 package)

posted by  monteofdoom

V6, then.

what type of performance do you want?

posted by  Coffin Type R

i have been looking for air intake and exahust. it has duel exahust on it.

posted by  monteofdoom

A stock Monte Carlo Z34 uses a 3.4 SFI V6 with dual exhaust. In terms of performance, your options are sadly limited. Unfortunately there isn't much of a bolt-on aftermarket for these cars and while you can put some modification into them it may be more involved than you want to get (it's a long-held belief of mine that given enough time, money and effort you can do just about anything to a car).

You've got a good handle on where to start, allowing the engine to breathe properly is generally the first step. For intake, a high flow air filter is a cheap and easy modification that'll free up a few horses. As to exhaust, you shouldn't be too bad there, since a 3.4 doesn't really need dual pipes to begin with. If you're hell bent on removing restriction, you should be able to put some new exhaust on there with a wider diameter, maybe some low restriction cats and a high flow muffler, but all of this is probably going to have to be custom made, as I've never actually come across kits for these cars.

Past that, the sky and your chequebook are the limit here. Good luck.

posted by  Martian

thank you

posted by  monteofdoom

hi im new to this forum but i thought i would throw my two cents in, i too own a 96 monte and have done some modifications to it. I have a custom 62 series camaro hood scoop on it that is full functional. K&N intake with dynomax racing exhaust...now this is where you will get stuck, after this there isnt much to do but make it look pretty or put a supercharger on it(which is my next step) but in all honesty its a better idea to have a shop drop in a 3.8 supercharged gm crate engine in it.

posted by  drunknmonte

I have a 95 z34 and am planning on putting a scoop with intake and I wanted to know if you have any pics that i can see to get a general Idea of what mine might look like

posted by  bweli

You guys just aren't looking hard enough. A guy I used to deal with through work had a '94 Olds Cutlass Supreme with the 3.4(it's a W-body car, same as Grand Prix, Monte Carlo, and Lumina) and he was running 13.2's on street tires 2 years ago...now he's deep in the 12's. Also, a former employer had a '95 Monte Z34 and it was good for high 13's. The Z34's are blessed with better gears and a much higer stall converter as opposed to the 3.8 or 3.1 equipped w-body cars. We were making a lot of custom exhaust parts for those cars and then a few north jersey shops started getting in on it and we lost all our GP club members(who happened to be from north jersey).

I know SLP sells parts for those cars, headers can be found, 3" down-pipes can be had for the asking as well as high flow cats, 3" intermediate pipes and 2.25"-2.5" axle back systems. One main concern in the exhaust system of '96 and later W-body cars is the post-catalytic converter oxygen sensor...it resides in what is referred to as a "u-bend". The oxygen sensor is threaded into the top side of the pipe...the problem is that the pipe tucks so close to the body at that point that they had to make a dropped section of pipe that looks like the letter "U"....a quick easy fix for that is to have a shop weld in a straight piece of pipe and relocate the oxygen sensor to the 3 o'clock or 9 o'clock position(can't remember which side the harness is on).

Also the crimped stock 2.25 flexible downpipe is a good restriction as well. The stock axle back dual system flows well enough to support most exhaust mods aside from headers and/or a high flow cat.

Send out your 4T60E transmissions and have hardened input shafts installed, I've snapped a few in my time. Also get the nastiest shift kit you can find for that transmission...few different companies out there.

I've driven a host of W-body cars and most of them would have made you forget all about current RWD V-8 cars....you can make them lightning fast.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

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