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I have a problem when I run my car for awhile it will shut off, but it wont die while its idling unless its been going for a long long time. I end up having to start it in neutral and reving it up then droping it into gear to get it moving again. Ive done the fuel filter, plugs, alternator belt, and after that the car ran beautifully for about an hr long drive where it tried to die on me in an intersection. The car has a 2Litre engine in it. Any information on this would help alot please. Ive talked to people and they keep giving me mixed things like the car is starving which it does feel like when I start to putter while highway driving but Im afraid it will die in drive and it will lock my steering or something.

posted by  Sunbirdkiller

No one has any clue? :ohcrap:

posted by  Sunbirdkiller

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