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i am stuck between these two cars. the 1991 is ice blue and in great shape no rust for 2800 dollars but my friend has a 1994 camaro it is a manual and has had the interior profesionaly redone but my friend sliped into the ditch last winter and mangled the driver fender and door and windshield,he got all the work done and fineshed it except for a winshield and it still needs paint.he wants $2800 for it. So which one should i pick and which one would you take?

posted by  talongod33

what kind of engines do they have

posted by  redredd

Both are the RS model, so that puts the 1991 with a 3.1L v6 and the 94 with a 3.4 V6.

I would go for the 94, probably lower miles, looks better, and only needs a new windshield, so you're back 3-500 bucks, but thats still a good price.

posted by  Godlaus

I would take the 1991 ice blue camaro because its in great shape [so you say] and it's only 2800!!!!!!!!! :screwy: why would you want to buy a car thats been through hell for the same price!!! If it were cheaper by about $700 sure it would be great! It all depends if you want to be driving right away with a nice car or fix up a wrecked car. :rock:

posted by  toyota

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