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so, here is the question, what cars would you consider "chick" cars?

my thoughts pointed towards~
Grand Am
new bug

posted by  monteofdoom

girls at my school usally drive olds alero but a lot of girls love my camaro and my friends firebird

posted by  talongod33

New mini
New beetle (even my gal wouldn't drive that..)
1 seires SLK Merc

posted by  2002_EVO_VII

definitly the new beetle
PT cruiser
miata(even though i like them)
And although I don't think of it as a chick car the only people I see driving a BMW Z3 is women.

posted by  Zalight

OHHH YEAH, the Z3.. how could i forget..
Also MG TF

posted by  2002_EVO_VII

VW Cabriolet
VW Rabbit convertable
Mary Kay Pink Eldorado
Hyundai accent flamingo pink

posted by  ~SK~

ohh man, I forgot the cabriolet, the ultimate chick car!

posted by  Zalight

now I have that dumbass movie stuck in my head with Alicia Silverstone :banghead: forgot the name but that was the first car I thought of besides the New Bug...

posted by  ~SK~

Toyota Corolla, especially the new ones
VW bug
and a lot of other ones I can't think of right now...
time to go to sleep, it's 3:50am here. :sleep:

posted by  RusMan

There's no such thing as Chick Cars anymore. Oh, back in '55 Dodge had the La Femme version of the Coronet (white and pink, with white and gold accents, and matching purse, makeup case, and umbrella), but nothing in modern cars is a Chick Car as such.

There's only insecure guys who have to have their car provide all their testosterone for them.

And Zalight's list is absolutely retarded (even in a retarded subject, that's an accomplishment...)

posted by  ChrisV

Here are some that I think...I will rate how bad it is on the side...the chick factor

Camaro V6 (severe)
Mustang V6 (severe)
Beetle New...non turbo (severe)
Prelude New (moderate)
240SX (mild/moderate)
Jeep Wrangler(moderate)
Subaru Outback (moderate)
Jetta (moderate)
Sebring (moderate)
Cabrio (severe)
Saab 900 (moderate/severe)
Miata...hit or miss b/c it's a great autoX car (mild/severe)

posted by  NISSANSPDR

I always think of the New Beetle and Jetta as chick cars.
But also, the chicks usually drive:

Jeep Cherokees
Chevy Cavaliers
PT Cruisers
Pontiac G6
VW Cabrios
New Honda Civics
Mitsubishi Eclipse
Unfortunately: the Acura RSX
Mazda Miata
Suzuki Forenza
All Hyundai's except the Tiburon

posted by  moostang104314

Women make up almost half the buying public anymore. I know many that drive Porsches and Corvettes. Most of the Miatas I know of are driven buy guys (and 90% of THOSE are SCCA racers). The New Beetle was designed by a couple GUYS (Freeman Thomas and J Mays) based on the custom VW Bugs running around california (and primarily driven by guys). VW Built the car becaeu there was a huge upswelling of interest from the VW community, not just women.

Apparently you kids have NO clue as to how the automoive world works.

BTW, most PTs are driven by people like myself, who grew up around street rods, and wanted a new warranteeable family car that fit that style. As a member of a couple large PT clubs, I should know.

posted by  ChrisV

Rsx And A Celica Looks Like Chick Cars To Me.

posted by  Ki2AY

I think if you wanted something that looked more like a street rod you had your change w/the Prolwer...but of family could fit in that

posted by  NISSANSPDR

Hmm $40k vs $18k? At $18K, you can't buy a reliable street rod, or even build a decent one. At $40k, you can. I love Prowlers, and they are perfect for those guys that can't build their own (and cost far less than having a shop build you a '33 Ford roadster) but the PT is the perfect blend of style and practicality, in an excellently priced package.

I've built street rods, and used to have a business doing that.

posted by  ChrisV

A mix of street rod? I'd have to say I disagree. The style might be trying to look like that of an old roadster, but it falls short. A good family car sure, but for 18k I'd probably get something that is even roomier. Also I'm pretty sure I don't see an engine in a PT Cruiser the likes of what street rods would have had, or even similar. This is just my biased opinion because I am not a fan of the PT Cruiser. No offense to you Chris, since if you like it, then you like it, and if it works for your family, then it works for your family too, I just personally don't think it is too 'street rod.'

Also about chick cars..... girls do tend to drive some cars less often than others, but that doesn't mean the ones they drive more have less men driving them. The reason you see so many women driving Aleros and Grand Ams, etc is because so many people drive those vehicles in general.

posted by  Flame Roller

So you think the ONLY street rods are old roadsters? Ever see one of these?

Apparently the PT is a lot like street rod versions of the fat fender sedans. Except with a warranty, practicality, and at a lower price point.

These are the linds of cars that people say SUV owners should have gotten, and it's NOT a minivan, which is also a plus. I've carried myself, my wife, my stepson and two of his friends, along with all our camping gear (sleeping bags, tents, food, backpacks) etc for a Boy Scout trip. I've carried all the lumber for our deck, as well as everything but 4x8 seets of sheetrock for my bathroom construction project. It has PLENTY of space inside.

Sorry, but the average street rod isn't all that fast, due to having a very mild engine coupled with a mild automatic. Especially when talking about ones like teh type pictured above. Most are cruisers, not racers.

At least you admit your bias, closed mided and ninformed as it is.

Having been involved with street rods for 25+ years, having built them in my shop, and dealt with them on boath coasts, I find it very much like a street rod: in STOCK form it's not a street rod, but it has the same style and potential, as the custom ones I posted will attest. Remember, a stock '37 Ford isnt' a street rod. In the PT's case, it has the style of the late '30s era cars, with wider wheels (And the GT even has street rod style 5 spoke wheels), and the nose down attitude of a street rod. All the right points are there to build from.

posted by  ChrisV

Alls VWs seem like chick cars. Maybe except the Phaeton. The Lexus RX330, the Lexus SC430 even tho my dad has one.
Mini Coopers
SLK 350
Mitsubishi Eclipse
BMW 3 series

oh yeah, a Hummer :orglaugh:

posted by  SNiPeRViRuS

In my experience here in So. Cal., I'd say 90% of all the gender I see driving female. No. 1 Chick Car Choice Award.

posted by  BavarianWheels

I second that. VW are for chicks.

posted by  SNiPeRViRuS

first of all I said it is my opinion, and if I am misinformed I don't really see what about, other than the fact that you have 25+ years of experience with them supposedly and I am not nearly 25 years old, so I am glad you have a lot of experience. That does not mean I cannot make a comment, and it not have to be picked apart piece by piece by a person who allowed me my opinion but could not leave it as such, had to make sure everyone knew it was wrong, seems somewhat single-minded to me. I was being open when I said I can see it as a family car, and I suppose in a way it has similarities to a street rod, and yet you must take that simple, kind, notion and shove it in the garbage.

posted by  Flame Roller

Once again, the feeling that having the opinion is more important than knowing what you're talking about comes into play. Instead of wanting to learn more and expand your mind, you want to defend being closed minded.

Yes, what I do IS single minded: my goal is to increase real knowledge of the hobby, while removing misinformation, and replying to (and if necessary, rebutting) commentary made by people who have decided it's more important to open their mouths and comment on something instead of figure out that they don't have enough information. And responding to people that would rather argue about their right to an opinion than ever examine that opinion for factual basis.

I've grown weary of kids that think they know everything about cars and make comments like yours. I used to be a nice guy about it, but even when nicely put, and factually presented, the response is the same: "I don't care what the facts are, my opinion is otherwise, and I have the right to my opinion, and be as insulting as I want to be about everything that isn't my favorite." Well, yes you do. And I have then the right to pick that opinion apart. If you demand having the right to your opinion on things you don't know about, then I have the equal right to voice my opinion ABOUT your opinion. I wish it had never gotten to this point, but too many people think that forming an opinion on nothing but conjecture is enough, and that basing insults on that baseless opinion is justified.

posted by  ChrisV

EEERRR....wrong answer. Ever heard of the GTI? Or how about the R32? if you're thinking about the jetta by itself, well, then that's you.

posted by  Godlaus

I never said I knew everything, thusly I am not one of those kids. Also in my second post here I said I am sure you do have more knowledge than me. Also all I gave was an opinion. Finally I am always willing to learn new things, but don't think there is a need for ridicule each and every step of the way.

posted by  Flame Roller

Don't forget about VW Beetles. You can always tell the guy who is trying to prove his car is'nt a girl with an all black Beetle flashy wheels and a nice spoiler. Looks good, but he can't fool me. We all know his car came lime green from the factory. :mrgreen:

No not all VW's. Hell the Jettas are'nt necisarily chick cars. I know lots of guys who own them and activley tune them with very respectable numbers to back it up. The VW GTi and R32, not to mention the older classic Beetle racers that drop 6 second quartermiles. Like the Miata post says, who says a supposed "chick" car can't be one of the greatest competing cars to ever be made?

posted by  DSMer

I disagree with you on that statement. My buddy has owned nothing but later 60's and early 70's VW Bugs, and the only people I see driving the Bug is males.

posted by  Coffin Type R

Nope...I don't agree. Just the Jettas. and a close second is the new somone already mentioned a few posts up from this. LOL.

But in no way is this to stand as a blanket's just my POV.

IOW...don't quote me on this as gospel truth. :wink2:

posted by  BavarianWheels

Jettas and the new beetle bug are chick cars , in maine nine times out of ten i see a chick in both. Now the ultimate chick car anything thats mopar , ford , or chevy from 87 down. Nothing beats a hot chick in a car that beats you in the 1/4 :laughing:

posted by  MonteMan

I like your thinking and couldnt agree more. If you can find a chick that can do that, why you and already have alot in common. :hi:

posted by  Coffin Type R

Yep, the Jetta and New Beetle are the only two chick cars from VW. I mean, how many guys want a fake flower in the cupholder of their Beetle? The Beetle was cool a long time ago, but ever since 1998, it has been for gals.

posted by  moostang104314

I totally agree that both the VW New Beetle and Jetta are chick cars. Almost as much as an Eclipse or and Elantra. Even the Tiburon. Well. When I see one drive by me I have to look to see who is driving. Of course I live in the five college area of New England so 80% of the time it's a cute girl driving. Now judging by this I have no idea how the car performs or if they have any idea how to tune. But it's a big nasty assumption for us to take the liberty to describe these cars as chick cars. For me you'd probably never catch me dead in one. Just for the fact I don't want strange guys driving 69 camaro's and 73 mustangs to check me out only to find out I'm not what they expected. Kinda like picking up a tranny in a bar.

P.S. Lay on heavy sarcasm throughout post.

posted by  Dethgear

I hope you're talking about the kind of "tranny" that has gears. Don't know what you New England boys are up to but where I live that type of thing rarley happens.

posted by  DSMer
Some chick car.

posted by  buzzardsbrew

what about the cavilier and the sunfire the eclipse?

posted by  Scionguy

i could have been fed a load of BS , but from what i heard(take it with a grain of salt) that Saturn(and maybe not the new stuff) actually directs its marketing toward young single mothers on low budget incomes, so i would say Saturns are chick cars, just cuz of affordability and payment plans, other than that, my opinion doesn't matter

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

I actually read an article in the wheels section of my local newspaper that said the PT cruiser and New Beetle are actually made for, and marketted towards women.

So they count as chick cars.

posted by  Zalight

There is if what you're doing is being insulting. Apparently you feel there's a need to be insulting about people's cars (incluing mine) but you are above being called out on being insulting. i.e it's ok if you do the insulting and belittling to others, but if they do it back to you in return, you turn into a whiny bitch about merely expressing an opinion.

The moment you chose to open your mouth and be insulting, you lost the right to say no one can ridicule you in return.

posted by  ChrisV

Wel, teh new Beetle was designed by J Mays and Freeman Thomas as a modern interpretation of teh Cal Look Bugs runing around their design shop in California, and was presented to teh world as show car to get opinion. Millions of VW enthusiasts like myself wrote in and told them to build it, and tens of thousands of custom versions have been built. They were not "made" for women. And ALL mass produced cars are marketed towards both mena nd women (wmen make up nearly 50% of the buying public, you'd be stupid NOT to market toward womein regardless of car). So yes, you will see ads in women's publications marketing all sorts of castrs, fromBeetles to BMWs, and even Porsches.

Does that mean ALL cars are chick cars?

Please. Cars are cars. "Chick cars" are individual cars actually owned by women, not whole lines in which some are owned by women.

posted by  ChrisV

Wasn't the PT cruiser deseigned by a woman, I remember reading that somewhere (perhaps the same article). But hell I don't know that much about who desiegned what so I could be wrong.

posted by  Zalight

Now this is a post worthy of a response.

Last Saturday I spotted an Amish buggy on it's way to the farm market...with a box of, chicks.

posted by  vortec

aha...very punny.

posted by  Zalight

are you sure they werent going to like, an Amish McDonalds? Might have had to bring there own chickens for the nuggets.

posted by  Low Impedance

The PT was designed by Brian Nesbitt, under the guidance of Tom Gale (head of Chrysler design at the time). Tom Gale was a street rodder, and gave some direction to those under him about the design (just like the Prowler, which was a stylized version of Tom's own '34 Ford street rod)

But you could have found the designer's name with 20 seconds of typing into Google...

posted by  ChrisV

the new convertible MR2 is a chick car, atleast i think it is.

posted by  Import-tuner

I think that girls would really like Cobras, but they probably cant afford them.
(sorry girls)

posted by  jdubya

Don't you just hate old men that think they know everything... yes you may have "25+ years" of experience, so what... learn to listen to the new generation...

lastly, from the looks of it, your the only one in this forum bitching about how their are no "chick cars"... you've said your point more than once, people don't seem to be agreeing with you, so just give it a break and go give your opinions on some other post... please

posted by  mirot

Learn to Lesson? :ticking:

Age appropriate! :banghead:

posted by  BavarianWheels

Chick cars are cars that are dominately liked by "chicks." :mrgreen:

posted by  DodgeRida67

That fake flower was the first thing that popped into my head. I couldn't believe it the first time I saw it and then I knew that the Beetle was a goner. Enjoy em gals.

posted by  boothe

wait...ChrisV is just trying to make us a little more openminded about driving cars that are usually thought of as chick cars, Not put us in our place as young idiots.

And ChrisV, we are not saying that ONLY chicks can drive or like these cars, we are just saying that certain cars are liked by women more than men, And that sometimes, its rare to see a man that actually does like these cars, but not unheard of.

posted by  Zalight


posted by  mirot

Yeah, riiight. That's what people mean. :roll:

Sorry, NEVER saw anyone mean that when discussing them. Look at the guy talking about the flower vase and the Beetle being a "goner" because of it. he doesn't even ahve a clue as to why it's there, but he wants to insult the car because of it. And I'll bet he want's to have the right to insult the car, but won't let anyoine have the right to insult him in return.

Sorry, that people hate actually having to open their minds and not be narrowminded, insulting, and/or bigoted haters! Sorry that I'm trying to get people to actually think about something before opening their mouths rather than be immature litlle assclowns. Why is it so much more important to be allowed to make retarded comments about cars and their owners than actually open your minds and learn something? Why can YOU guys say anything retarded that comes into your heads about cars and their owners, but you can't deal with someone commenting on you in return???? You hate having someone with experience tell you you're wrong, Mirot? Then f*cking LEARN something and you won't be TOLD you're f*cking wrong!

:banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

posted by  ChrisV

Not yet anyway... :smoke:

posted by  GirlieGurl

Two questions...

1: I was I ever corrected by you in this forum... (no)
2: Aren't you a little old and *wise* to be swearing at and hating people that don't necessarily agree with you? (yes)

All I'm saying is relax. Yes everyone is entitled to their opinions, and yes you can try to try to dispute them, and try to teach them, but swearing, and getting all heated up will definetly not help.

posted by  mirot

Well, that was kind of an insult, I took it, and I don't mind that you said that. I was speaking from an ascetic sense. I do not like the look of the new beetles. My friends mother has one, she loves it. I have driven in it and was somewhat impressed by its ingenuity. But I believe that the aesthetics of the car, per my example, has been turned towards a more female audience. Didn't mean to insult.

I am curious to what you mean by "Doesn't understand why its there"?

posted by  boothe

I think the vase is a throwbak/allusion to the flower power generation of the first beetle, not something made to attract women.

ChrisV, I agree with you, and I definitely don't want to piss off one of the last remaining intelligent members into quitting the board. But your just taking it a little too far by saying all cars are designed for men and women, We know that. What we are saying is that some cars are more attractive to women. Thats all.

But I agree with you that men should give these cars a chance, not just shun them because they are "only" for chicks.

posted by  Zalight

Whats so bad about a "chick car" in the first place? Are we such sexist pigs that cars marketed towards women automaticly have to be dainty and feminen? Can't some women be just as hardcore car entuisiast as some men and cars marketed towards them be just as powerful, handle just as well, and accelerate just as fast as any other normal car?

I'd really hate to break it to you guys but the female gender makes up over 50% of all car sales. So car companys market their cars towards the majority of the people that buy them.... women. So in essense most cars are "chick cars" for the simple fact they are marketed to appeal to most women. That includes your sports cars as well. My mother bought a 98 Corvette and shes not really an automotive woman. She liked the sexy sleek styling, the leather interior, and performance of the car.

I'd hate to tell you but those same Mazda RX-7/8's, Toyota Supras/Celicas, Ford Mustangs/Thunderbird, Chevy Camaros/Corvettes, Mercedes's SL's/SLK's/E's/S's, BMW M3's/M5's, Pontiac GTO's/G6's, VW Jettas/GTi's, Audi RS6's/S4's, Acura RSX's/TSX's/NSX's/Integra's, Honda Civics Si's/Accord's, Nissan 350z's/Maximas'/240SX's/Altima's/Sentra's, Mitsubishi Eclipse's/Evo's, Subauru WRX's/Legacy's, Lamborghini's, Jaguar's, Aston Martin's, Maserati's, Lotus', Bently's, and Ferrari's are all bought by women and marketed towards them. All those cars you consider manly and that you think make you masculine are driven by women all over the world. ESPECIALLY SUV's.

ChrisV is merely trying to open some of you guys eyes. Look arround, alot of things are marketed towards women. In essence they're all girl cars; so why discriminate with meaningless bullshit labels? Labeling something a girl car is just as idiotic as saying all people of a certain race like Ford cars so all Ford cars are that particular races cars... Grow up, looks arround, and open those eyes.... cuz some of you boys have been hiding behind mothers teet a tad bit too long. Its time for a dose of reality....

posted by  DSMer

Ahh I see what you mean. Well, I am young and dumb at times. So I appreciate the clarification.

posted by  boothe

Hopefully never. Fast cars should be left up to the guys!

posted by  jdubya

WOW, nice to meet you man, welcome to the 21st century, where women don't have to spend life in the kitchen.
Unless that means I don't get to drive fast cars, because the women have taken them all. THEN they shouldn't be allowed to drive them. :laughing: J/K

posted by  Zalight

A few little details about that 'manly' Mustang: e=3&c=y

Mustang buyers: 56% female (63% of all Mustang sales is the base car)
Mustang GT buyers: 39% female

Looks like the Mustang may be a 'chick' car... ;) :p

posted by  Gothicaleigh

OMFG NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE MAN CAR!!!! ITS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahaha jk :laughing:

It's like what has been said earlier. Nowadays, half the buying demographic is female, so there are no real 'chick cars'.

Now the question I have is; do girls tend to care more about how the exterior/interior looks, or how the car performs?

posted by  Godlaus

well from experience (3 sisters and a mom)

I have to say they are really into fuel economy and looks.... but then again they also want power... and THEN you have to try to explain to them why you cant get much power with good fuel economy.

oh yea, the cars have to definetly sit in the "cute" standard. But if they feel they have to be kings of the road, then they buy themselves an "uncute" SUV

posted by  mirot

i'm a girl and i'm planning on buying a 95' camaro. Girls like fast cars with a sleek design, ie: corvette, camaro, etc. Or really big trucks!

posted by  redredd

I always look for a combination of both (why settle for only one?). :D

posted by  Gothicaleigh

The first beetle was presented in 1938. This car was designed by Hitler. The flower power generation is not the first generation of the beetle, although it might be around the time that it was first introduce to America. I think the vase is just there to be different. No other cars have it. It's unique. :smoke:

posted by  redredd

Actually, the bud vase is a nod to the air cooled beetle colectors that look for original '40s and '50 bud vases that were optional equipment in the original Beetles. It's not just for girls, and it certainly isn't about "flower power."

Here's one in a '53 Bug.

Here's a stock '50s one:

These things are collector's items, and the one in the new Beetle was specifically added as a nod to that. Trust me, I've been heavily involved in the custom and restored VW scene since the mid '70s.

posted by  ChrisV


posted by  redredd

Actualy Hitler had an ideea for a people's car, and Ferdinand Porsche already had designed a couple while engineering Mercedes race cars. Hitler's Mercedes dealer got him in touch with Dr. Porsche, and Hitler funded Porshe's design.

posted by  ChrisV

Oh, I got you..

But what was the point of the first bud vases?

posted by  Zalight


posted by  redredd

Why shout? I've been involved with the air cooled VW scene for a couple decades, and have owned over 30 of them. Hitler MET Porsche through his Mercedes dealer. You did know that Porsche had been chief engineer for Mercedes before that, right? And had been designing cars for many companies before that, too? He ALREADY had the design for the Beetle, which met Hitler's needs. So it was the one that got developed.

THe original design was done by Dr. Porsche (his business at the time, 1930, was Dr.-Ing. h.c. Ferdinand Porsche GmbH) for the motorcycle manufacturer, Zundapp. Zundapp produced teh prototype in 1932, but decided to stick with motorcycles. Hitler invited Porsche to submit to him a design for his People's car, it had to be cheap, economical, fast (all of 60 miles per hour) and to accommodate two adults and three children comfortably (there was no requirement from Hitler to have it rear engined). So, in January 1934 Porsche gave Hitler a proposal for his car, based on the one he did for Zundapp.

Please. I try to give out only factual, researched information from all my sources.

posted by  ChrisV

I really suggest you don't try to argue with ChrisV, as you will soon find just how retarded you actually are.

posted by  Zalight

Decoration. They were popular in a lot of European vehicles at the time. Kind of like lapel vases for men's tuxedos.

posted by  ChrisV


posted by  redredd

Here's an intereesting link about the history of VW:

posted by  ChrisV

That info is wrong, and it's a popluarized version. Follow my link for a more in depth one. I have a better on in a highly detailed history book (that was also teh subject of a series of history articles in HotVW's magazine about 10 years ago...)

posted by  ChrisV

Wow. Do the new beetles actually have a decorated vase? I don't remember paying attention to it as much as the flowers?

posted by  boothe

who cares, chicks and cars are all that matter anyways. :thumbs:

posted by  NoahT

A truer statment has never been made.

My gf drives a 04 Chevy tracker... without a doubt girls car.
Mustangs with the exception of the 69 Shelby fast back
Jetta for sure
Porsche kind of
Miata yes
RX-7 No RX-8 yes (even tho I like them.

posted by  TheFieroKid

Care to explain more? why should fast cars be left to guys? what makes us guys more qualified to own a fast car than a girl?

posted by  Godlaus

statically men have better driving record then girls. Despite the fact that girls have been proven to be able to multitask better then guys, for some reason they are involved in more accidents per capa then males.

In my personal experience, men are better at dealing with the stress that comes with driving at high speeds then women. I let my gf drive my Fiero once, she got to 85 mpg and she got freaked out. The average females response time is less then the average men’s... now I’m not saying that some women aren’t good drivers that would be ignorant of me. But on average males tend to be better drivers.

posted by  TheFieroKid

there we go, a good back up to a claim. But, you're somewhat wrong.

First of all, girls in this state have lower insurance rates because they get in LESS accidents than males.

I actually don't think that the response time is less, but on a race track, it shouldn't matter. (provided you're driving solo)

BTW = take out chinese women drivers, and I'm sure women drivers are as good as a driver as you and I are. :wink2:

posted by  Godlaus

As funny as that is the race shouldnt have anything to do with it.
My gf pays 1200 every 6 months for full coverage on her tracker, she has had just as many speeding tickets as my-self (so this isnt a factor)

I pay just 599 for 6 months full coverage on my Fiero.

Mine is classified as a Sports car, and hers a light truck, she should be getting the lower rate, but she dosnt.

I forgot to mention we are both 20 years old, white, dont live with our parents, college students...

posted by  TheFieroKid

Bullshit. I know for a fact that my wife could outdrive any of you children here. 15 years as an EMT driving ambulances, drag racer, and now autocrosser. And I know dozens of female SCCA racers who could hand you your ass on any track OR on the street (like my sister, who is a multi-time SCCA regional champion in numerous types of cars, from Hondas to Camaros).

Miatas are not chick cars. They are modern versions of the car that's in my sig: teh traditional sprots car. It's not a "chick car" either.

Why is it so important to be bigoted, closed minded fools?

posted by  ChrisV

Hey now, I didn’t say all women where bad drivers. I too know a few girls who could hand me my ass at the track. As I stated above that there are many exceptions to the rule. But are you telling me that girl on the free way putting on her eyeliner, talking on her cell, and smoking is a better driver? I don’t think so, I don’t even drink in my car. When I’m driving that’s all I am doing driving.

I like the Miata, but the Miata has become associated with women (kind of how the minivan got associated with soccer moms, and I got more chicks with my van then I did with my sports car), and I know that the majority of Miata buyers are men, Hell I love the new Miata sport, that’s one hell of a snazzy car.

And I feel that I am not a bigot or closed minded... Keep in mind I do drive a Fireo ;)
Im sorry to have touched a nerve. There are exceptions to every rule.

posted by  TheFieroKid

No worse than the guy drivng down the road reading the Wall Street Journal, drinking coffee, and talking on his cell phone. Stereotypes are stereotypes, but still don't mean that you should believe them as generalizations. Especially when you use them to say women shouldn't have sports or performance cars.

Only in the minds of the ignorant.

Then you should be on the side of those defending the Miata, not adding to it if you know the facts are different than the ignorant steroetype. We should be promoting the facts, not participating in perpetuating ignorance.

posted by  ChrisV

Your right, the guy with the Wall Street and the chick with the eye liner, neither should have their license, let alone a sports car.

If a guy wants to drive a Miata that’s cool with me, just means his style is different then most (your right I really am not one to judge).

But with the few exceptions of the female racers I know, most of the women I know are too scared to drive something with that much power (example Sara driving my Fiero). But if a girl is capable of handling the power more power to her for driving it. I don’t make the assumption when I see a girl driving down the street in a Camaro that she’s a bad driver and couldn’t handle it... But when she’s talking on her cell, and all the other things bad drivers do, then I put her in the same folder as any bad driver, she just has a different file name

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That is shouting on the internet. It is obnoxious, turn it off.


Who told you that? Statistics show that men are more likely to speed and get into car accidents. I challenge you to show me an insurance company in the US that says otherwise.

Hers is almost 20 years newer. Car value plays a role in insurance quotes.

A fully loaded 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT with average mileage retails for roughly $3000
A base 2004 Chevrolet Tracker with average mileage retails for roughly $14000
There is where the majority of your full coverage insurance difference comes from.

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The new bug is a chick car, what guy would get caught driving a bug [except the gay's maybe] :orglaugh: :clap:

posted by  toyota

*sigh* once again, why is it important to be this closed minded, bigoted, and insulting?

The new Bug was designed by guys (J Mays and Freeman Thomas) around the Cal Look bug scene around their design studio. Lots of guys like them, for the same reasons lots of guys like original Bugs. I was one of the guys writing in to VW to produce the car after seeing the Concept One show car.

Remember how I proved you wrong about VW Busses? Please, refrain from posting any more ignorant opinions until you learn something.

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How hard is it to move your left pinkie over 1/2" from the letter A and turn it off? it's very hard to read and makes you look like your'e shouting. Yes, there's more important things to worry about, but there's better things to do that defend having the caps lock on...

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Then you are a rude, lazy, ignorant a$$hole. That's what insisting on doing that means, you little twit. Read the PMs I sent AND search the internet for etiquette tips.

Here's how other forums handle it:

If you choose to remain defiant in this, one can only conclude you are as rude as the manner implies. Why would you want to BE rude? Do you like having people respond to you in this manner?

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If you're told the truth, and you choose not to accept it, it comes off as insulting, when the real fool here is the person who chooses not to accept the truth. You are a perfect example of a person who speaks a fact, then finds out they're wrong, then lies and bitches and whines to try and make their wrong fact seem true.

Seriously, the caps lock is 5/8 of an inch away from the letter 'A', not 1/2, so just turn it off.

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If you choose to be an ignorant little whiny bitch, then it's not unnecessary insulting when I tell you that you are.

Why is it so important to be contrary? Why is it so important to be ignorant? You could have avoided being treated this way simply by acting like a mature, intelligent person, rather than a shithead. You were asked nicely to turn the caps lock off, as it's considered rude by, oh, EVERYONE on the internet. And you chose to bitch about doing that. You deserve every bit of criticism you are now recieving.

Get a clue. :banghead:

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Why is it so important to you to be contrary? You KNOW for a fact it's considered yelling. Why do you insist on having the right to be disruptive? if you dont' like it here, leave. Apparenl;ty learning about cars isn't as important as insisting that you don't have to press that one little f*cking button...

I'm no longer answering your questions, and I suggest others do the same.


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According to democracy, majority makes something correct. That and what benefits the majority of the population. Otherwise, we have no version of what is right or wrong, unless you're a religious person.

Having the caps on makes it sound like you're yelling, and nobody likes it, so turn it off. You're doing this to just be a rebel, which, when in a form like this, makes you a dumbass.

You're now added to my ignore list.

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OHHH!! Them's fightin words! :laughing:

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I would definately have to say the newer Chevy Cavaliers (sorry to any guys with one of these) Although the 1988 Cavalier 2 door wasnt that bad.

posted by  car_crazy89

-v6 mustang
-v6 camaro
-PT cruiser
-VW beetle
-VW Jetta
-VW cabriolet

theres more

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Can we actually make intelligent commentary rather than just list them? Especially after the discussion that has already gone on?

Ignoring the previous commentary is just pissing me off now. We already discussed why the PT and the New Beetle aren't "chick cars" .jpg siast

posted by  ChrisV

The average "chick" where I grew up doesn't know a lick of maintenence, (not all mind you) so ill have to plop
honda civics or hondas in general,
and some acuras too. Cheap and reliable.
This is just because of the high numbers of imports that are cheap to buy, and maintain, running costs are low too, that ive seen around.

Pt's seem to have old people in them when not modified,
And new beetles arent popular at all where im from.

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chick cars ? i think of toyota corolla

posted by  Taurus95

well, that's you, but I know plenty of men who drive corollas. It's a good family economy car, which is what it's meant to be, and it exceeds it's goal to be one.

posted by  Godlaus

Do you think the new chevy cobalt is a chick car?

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This thread has so many damn bumps...

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