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i have lost my power windows and door locks in my 89 tempo.keeps blowing the fuse.i took drivers door panel off and unpluged the buttons and still as soon as i turn key on it blows fuse.even whun i put new fuse in before i turn key on power locks still wont work..any help where to start looking or how to find problem would be greatly appriciated..Thanks in advance..Tom

posted by  ymurf

Sounds like a short somewhere. You'll need to check the wiring between the door and the fuse box, there may be a break in the insulation or something similar along there. Get a circuit tester and go to it, but set aside a whole day for it. You don't have all that many wires to check, but even so these things can be a pain in the ass.

posted by  Martian

I had a Mercury Topaz once. lol It was nothing but a Tempo. When I was in high school, I tried modifying it to keep up with mustangs. Here's a list of things I did for fun to waste money:

High Flow Cat
Glass Pack Muffler (Just one pipe or course)
15 inch rims
I replaced all the struts with some sh1t, I don't remember
Bored out the throttle body 5 over
Bored out the upper intake manifold
K&N filtercharger Equipped baby!
My personal favorite------The ram air system! lol Check this, I took a hammer and mashed out the bottom of the air housing and ran pvc pipe down and custom molded I think fiber glass to the front in the front pumper cover. It was hilarious and it actually worked......lol
Then........Oh yeah, Bosch Platinum III plugs
Bosch Wires
I think that's it......I don't know, but everyone laughed at it and strangely, it was kinda quick. Funny as all hell though. lol

It now rest calmly in Lake Decatur after pushing it off a bridge :-)

posted by  Hepatitus

short to ground you need to wire a breaker(using wire, terminals and breaker of same amperage rating or as close as possible to fuse) in there and start disconnecting stuff(preferably connectors at wiring not component to test it also) that that fuse powers one at a time. such as motor from one side or lock,keep disconnecting until the breaker stops popping the last thing you disconnect will be the component or wiring at fault. also check your wires visually for chafing or open wires. good luck and keep us posted

posted by  carlos

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