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I Have A '98 Ford Crown Victoria. What I Want To Know Is If Anyone Knows Where I Could Get An After Market Body Kit For It. I Have Been Using Search Engines To Look All Over The Internet, But Nothing. If Anyone Could Help Me Out I Would Greatly Appreciate It. Thank You.

posted by  randy12285

As far as I know they don't make bodykits for Crown Victorias/Grand Marquis'.

posted by  DSMer

i was thinking on getting a 98-up crown vic, on the movie "taxi" (2004) there was a vic with a full body kit, maybe it was custom made? i dunno, but if there is a body kit i would like to kno whare i could get it also

posted by  furious_cruzer

Custom made, and if you ever put a silly looking thing like that on a car like a Crown Vic, I just might have to shoot you.

posted by  DSMer


Why would you want to make a cop car look cool? It's already cool enough that people slow down around you because they think your car belongs to a cop.

posted by  Godlaus

If I had a Crown Vic still, I would paint the car black except for the doors, put a big CB antenna on the trunk, and then sit on the side of the road pointing a hair dryer at people as they go by... :laughing:

posted by  Zalight

:rock: :smoke:
Whats up man. Hey, I have been customizing cars and cycles for about 10 years now. I have doon American muscles, European Sports, bikes, and yes, a Honda(it was a faze I went through). Things have taken a turn. I am having a baby, so I had to change my life a little. I needed a family car. I could have got a wagon, mm, no. I could have got a SUV, mm, maybe. But I decided to get a cop car. I needed one fast, I baught one from the side of the road on my way to a friends house for 1200 bucks. It was a perfect 1992 Mercury Grand Marquis. Damn nice car. I like them so much I got a 98 Crown Vic Interceptor, and I want to get a MGM Maurader. The Crown Vic was a FBI car I found somehow. Black on black on black, with pitch black windows. I love that car. So I am going to leave that one the way it is. With the bikes and cars now, I can't get a Maurader now, but soon. Until then I want to do something with my MGM. The movie taxi was cool cause they had that tricked out Vic. Unfortunately that was custom made. After a little research you can tell that they either used a Mustang, Lightning, or a F-150 front bumper for a base, and added a lower valance. Side skirts are easy, you just find one that has the approximate contour, and a shape that flows with the car, and get the longest one you can find. You will have to cut and most likely fix, or mold back together. But it is do-able. But I can't figure out what they used for the rear bumper. I am guessing a modified Mustang rear, I don't know. I am working on a bike currently. But when I get around to it if you shooot me you email I can keep you updated. Hit me back though, them big bodies are so damn cool. Big, fast, and confortable. Here is my email, hope to hear from you. Stay cool TBONELLRH69@aol.com

posted by  teto187

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