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I just came in from working on my ford taurus, and I have my mind set. i am never buying a ford again. The car's falling apart with 100k miles, and the parts are incredibly expensive. There is ZERO bay space, and I have to remove every pipe connected to the motor to replace a pressure power steering hose. My experience with Ford is not a good one. Does anyone want to disagree with me, or vote alongside me?

posted by  Godlaus

I have a 1998 Escort ZX2, and I totally agree with you there. I didn't have any probs with the engine...yet, but there's something wrong with suspension already. The car is just so poorly engineered, that even the simple things like replacing the stereo is the major pain in the A##. :ohcrap: :banghead: , I wonder if people who made the car actually drive them. :screwy:

posted by  RusMan

well, you guys have heard of the new part ford is putting on there trucks?

its a tailgate warmer, that way your hands don't freeze when your pushing the truck down the road! :banghead:

posted by  monteofdoom

I have a 302 and beside it being smogged down robbing it's power, it seems indestructable. If you are whining about it being a pain in the ass to work on... well it's probably the way you go about your repairs...the long & hard way. Sorry but it's probably true.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Hmmm. My Fords have all been quite reliable. I've owned ones as new as 1999, and as old as 1951 (though I've worked on ones older than that). And other than the two I've bought new, ALL of them had over 100k miles on them when I got them.

In fact, my current project is a '63 Mercury Comet convertible...

Godlaus, how many Fords have you owned prior to this? Are you going by YOUR example or a larger pattern? I've owned some of just about every manufacturer, and I can say that they can ALL break, especially after cresting 100k miles.

Ever work on the engine of a similar era BMW? How about a similar era Honda? Ever try working on a V6 Accord? How about a Mercedes? How about a turbo rotary?

I love it when people form opinions based on a near total lack of experience. (i.e. one bad experience).

posted by  ChrisV

I knew that someone would throw this at me, the blind bias, but that's why i said my experience with ford is not a good one. Let's ee, for other cars that I've worked on/havent worked on because they don't require any work; 01 subaru legacy, 91 toyota corolla, 01 toyota camry, 95 civic. This is why I posted this thread, so that I could get others opinions on ford's reliability, instead of following my own blind-bias.

Hold on until I get home and get my digital camera, and I'll throw up some pics of the power steering pressure hose. I literally mean it when i say that there is ZERO engine bay room.

posted by  Godlaus

Really, I'd say the comment, "i am never buying a ford again." shows you are ready to follow your "blind bias" without any other input. Youre experience with Ford is an extremely limited one, yet you are ready with the insulting acronym to start your thread off with.

Sorry, but that sort of opinion forming is just stupid.

And dont' bother with the picture. I'm sure it has more room than my SVT Contour had. So effin' what?

My Comet has more room, if that's all you require in a "good car."

posted by  ChrisV

That's why i said it, because I want people to either agree with me or argue against me.

So, do you think that Ford is a good reliable maunfacturer as compared to other manufacturers?

posted by  Godlaus

I think that it's on par, simply because ALL cars can break. I'd have no problems buying another Ford. of course, I'd have no problems buying something from ANY make, because I'm not some biased teenager that has decided that one car is representative of all of them.

This was my last one. I'd take another in a heartbeat.

I also test drove the new Mustang, and love it. And I'd have a GT40 if I had the money. Taurus SHOs were fun cars, and id' even love to build up a Pinto as a project car.

Simply put, cars don't care what name is on the valve covers, only what kind of owner they have. Doesn't matter if it's a Ford, or a Honda, A Fiat, or a VW.

posted by  ChrisV

first of all the main reason cars need out of the ordinary maintenance is the driver. Of course weather, road type, etc also play parts, but if you don't take care of your car it won't take care of you. Also I've heard people say more good things about Ford than I have GM products, but I stick to GM cause I love the look of some of their vehicles, especially mine which I'd have to say is harder to work on under the hood than many fords. A 1995 3.4L Firebird, with lots of space under the hood, yet everything has to be tucked into a nook and cranny. I think part of this reason is because then sometimes special tools can be required, that shops will have and it puts the mechanically challenged into a situation where a shop is needed even for many routine maintenance needs. ie. the spark plugs on my firebird are of course toward the sides of my engine (it being V-shaped) which doesn't sound bad until you realize all the little things in the way, the alternator for instance, and the many other things. It can be a pain, but with patience, and some knowledge many of the jobs can be done at home, with a decent set of tools, and maybe help from someone also.

posted by  Flame Roller

Well, I didn't do any engine work on it, I was just talking about the stereo. In nissan or honda or toyota, all you have to do is unscrew like 4 to 8 screws and screw the new deck in, but in my ford, I had to buy the specail adapter for the dash and make my own metal brackets to hold the deck, because there's nothing to mount to. And connecting everything(like heater controls) back is a pain because the wires are not long enough and you have to do it from the inside, but there's no way to get to it from the back because there's a f#cking metal cage around it, and no hole to put your hand through :banghead:

posted by  RusMan

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