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Hey everyone, here is my prob, got a 93 grand am 2.3 and I am changing out the lock and key cylinder, I've got everything thats in the way but I cant find where to release the cylinder, any help would be much appreciated!

posted by  highway_man

first does the cylinder still operate with the key if so put the key in the cylinder and turn to the run position and the cylinder should pull out if not you will need to break it out pulling straight out the locking tab will release with key in. you will need to replace the cylinder the same way with the key in the run position on the new cylinder

posted by  osborste

there's a little pin you need to hit with a paper clip when the cylinder is shut. once you press in the pin you turn the cylinder and it will pop up (any haynes repair manual will tell you where this pin is).

posted by  carls47807

Old post..... He's long gone

posted by  thefonz

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