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Alright, I was on my way to school, about 3 minutes into my drive, when I noticed the windows weren't going up down normal (they were really slow), then I noticed my stereo was going in and out of signal.. So I say to myself, what the hell? Then, I notice at idle my RPM's are at around 2K. 'WTF?!' is running through my head. I look at my battery guage, and it's ****************ing DEAD. Now, since I have the car running already, I wanted to get that alternator going, so I slam (not literally, but I do increase my RPMs probably to 3-4K, nothing. I nextell my mom letting her know what's going on, so she tells me to turn around and come get her car. About a 1/4 mile away (with LOTS of turns) from my house, the car dies. Now, from past experiences, cars with battery problems usually make a quick ticking sound when you try to turn it on, but I get nothing, no sounds. The only thing I get is how my guages jump up when I normally turn the car on.

cliff notes:
- on my way to school
- car acts funny
- battery = dead (I think)
- what do you think?

Edit: That happened around 6:30 this morning. I went out around 2:00PM and checked to see if it would start. I turned the key and it tried real hard to turn over, but died out before it could. Now it's doing the ticking sound.

posted by  CoRPS

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