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:banghead: I have a 93 Caddy Deville. Everytime I apply gas, I heard a noise, that sounds like it is coming from the front passenager side of the car. It sounds like ice build-up in the wheel well but there is none. It only happens when gas is applied. When I let off on the gas it stops. The CV's look good so I am dumb founded. I am new to own a Caddy and have never heard this noise before on any other vechile I have owned. Any help with locating the reason for this noise, would be helpful. :thumbs:

posted by  soulmate

When the car is moving? Checked the ball-joints? Strut? Spring? What kind of noise? (clunk, grind...)

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

does the noise change depending on speed? Also can you give us a little more info on the type of noise it is making, grinding, squeeking (sp?), bumping, etc?

posted by  Flame Roller

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