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I am have a electrical problem with my Caddy. The radio stays going until I open another door besides the driver door or open the trunk or fuel door. Also the auto trunk only works sometimes, It has a new trunk latch motor installed on it and it still was happening. So I just unplugged it and set it up for the key only, as it was sometime not opening. It seemed that when I reset my Codes to zero, it would work again but only sometimes. I think it may be a faulty BCM. Everything else seems OK. Any idea's beides a new BCM.

Also my change oil soon light is on but I have changed the oil and filter. How to I get this light to stop activating.

posted by  soulmate

I've never looked at how a Cadillac's door switches work, maybe the switch in the driver side door is worn out.

For your trunk, check the switch with an Ohm meter, press the switch current should pass through, not pushed it shouldn't, could be something as simple as the switch. If it only works in intervals still, there's probably a faulty connections, a ground not grounding maybe. I'd suggest just ignoring it, how often do you need to get into your trunk anyway? Just as quick to use the key anyway.

Cars don't know when they need their oil changed, or when you change it. They just have a pre-programmed thing installed into their computer "Every 3000miles put on change oil light". So all you have to do is reset the counter. Refer to your owners manual on how to do that, usually just a few buttons you have to push.

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

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