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okay, got the lock cylinder on from my previous post, still wont turn over, the only power i have is headlights and interior lights, all fuses are fine, and now that i put in the new lock cylinder and ignition switch im kinda stumped here, anyone have any ideas (93 grand am se-2.4 ltr quad 4) thanx.

posted by  highway_man

Checked your starter?

posted by  88GrandPrixSE

thats my objective for today, not real easy to get to, but then again I need my damn car, thanks for the response!

posted by  highway_man

Try starting it in neutral. If the starter's on the way out that might help.

Never worked on that particular engine, but if you can get to it easily you can also try tapping the starter lightly with a hammer. If it's stopped on a bald spot that might jog it enough to get it to engage again.

What happens when you try to turn it over? Does it click, grind, do anything funny? If you have headlights and they're not really dim, odds are against it being an electrical problem, unless the starter wire's come loose or the solenoid's cracked or something.

posted by  Martian

turn the key and nothin', no click or grind, but i do have headlights and interior lights and there not dim, been going over wires for a couple days now with no success, but gotta keep trying, thanks for your help.

posted by  highway_man

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