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i am the guy with the power window problem..there is a blue box under the dash with two plugs into it..it is about an inch thick and 4 inches by 4 inches..does anyone know what this box is? would it have anything to do with the power windows or locks??i found the wire that was blowing the fuse after i removed the seat and lots of other stuff under the dash it was the trunk button in glove box..wire was mashed under a bolt..but still no power windows..any help on that bux would be greatly appriciated..Tom

posted by  ymurf

this is on a 89 ford tempo...

posted by  ymurf

Sounds like the door computer. Cars with lots of controls on the driver's door have a seperate controller for them all, to avoid having to run a big pile of wires through it. If your windows aren't working, it may be fried, especially if you had a short. Is there a switch on the passenger side door and does it work if there is?

posted by  Martian

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