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I have a 2000 Dodge Intrepid w/Automatic Transmisison with a problem I need to diagnose quickly. My wife was driving it to my sister's house. When she arrived she turned off the car and went inside my sister's house for a moment. When she returned she was unable to start the car. Specifically, the key would not turn. I thought it might be one of the safety mechanisms keeping the car from starting like the transmission not being fully in Park or the brake not being depressed while starting. I tried jiggling the shifter (it wouldn't move at all), I tried depressing the brake as far as I could push it, I tried turning the steering wheel both directions, I tried rocking the car. I tried all of that and the key still wouldn't turn. Any ideas or will I have to have the car towed to the dealership? :ohcrap:


posted by  B.D.Springmeyer

Either try the spare key if you have one or move the key up and down as you turn it. It may be worn, which will cause it to not push the pins up far enough to allow cylinder to turn.

posted by  Martian

I had a similar problem, and got a tip from someone else on this board - and believe it or not, all I had to do was lubricate the ignition - spayed some spray lubricant right into the keyhole, and it has been working great ever since. Might be worth a shot.


posted by  Zerzil

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