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For a couple years now, the car has had some trouble with the HVAC.

1. On long trips, sometimes the airflow will cut out. You can still hear the fan blowing, but there is no air coming from anywhere.
Well, I changed the HVAC control, after the display died. It worked for a while (6 months), and then the display started dying again :cussing:

2. About a week ago, I noticed a puddle on the passenger side floor board. Seems when it rains, now it is leaking onto the floor. This isn't a little leak either, there is a PUDDLE.

3. The fan makes a squeeling sound sometimes, like the bushings or bearings are dying. I am thinking it may have to do with #2.

4. Today on the way home, the fan stuck on full blast. I can't turn it down, but I can still adjust temp and direction. Of course, now it is shutting off flow after a few minutes.

What can it be that is wrong with it?
Is the HVAC control bad?
Where is this leak coming from? Something plugged up with leaves?

I am seriously frustrated, since it was working great, up until I decided to sell it. I really hate this car. :cussing:

Help Please!

posted by  87delta88

You need to check the cabin filter which is under the hood on the passenger side. The pass side right wiper needs to be removed then the black plastic covering under the wiper. The reason you have a leak is because the rubber strip came off so water flows directly down thru the fan into the passenger compartment. As for air flow i bet the filter is either dirty or dislodged and now the rubber strip may be interfering as well.

posted by  98RegalGS

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