99 Olds Cutlass coolant problem.

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Hello Everyone.

My vehicle is having problems and I haven't been able to diagnose it yet. I'm looking for advice.

My car will run normally for 10-15 minutes (it's very cold outside) then the coolant reservoir will "blow" steam and fluid will gush out. naturally following the dashboard light comes on. and an immediate drop of all heat leaves the defrost. oddly the temperature never redlines but it does rise.

I replaced the thermostat as I thought it may have been stuck. This however did not correct the problem.

So I went to the water pump and it appears to be fine. the bearing is free spinning, no leaks, no squeaks.

Someone suggested to me that it might be a blown headgasket? and that this would explain the pressure buildup that is getting kicked back to the reservoir.

Advice? recommendations? greatly appreciated


posted by  William_Easlick

Are you losing water?

posted by  JoeyBoy

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