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I have a 95 neon sohc 2.0L that I am planning on building for track use. I would like to hear some opinions on which would be a better idea for this it a straight pipe or buying an aftermarket exhaust with cat, muffler, etc. I am leaning towards straight piping the car due to the expense of a exhaust kit, and Im not willing to pay hundreds of dollars more just to get 5-10 hp. Is chopping off the old exhaust and just fabricating some new pipes good enough? How much time/money would go into custom making pipes? Any help will be apprecieated.

posted by  kptrk

First, I would suggest that you go to which is a great Neons-specific message board. I would consider a high-flow catalytic converter. Be careful in putting in exhaust piping that's too big in diameter because you could lose backpressure. As for the muffler, I would consider something in stainless steel like the Borla. If you're looking for a cheap muffler mod, try to find the 1996+ Neon DOHC muffler which has demonstrated gains on the SOHC motor.

Based on what I've read on, you're not going to get more than 3 to 5 extra HP with pipes and mufflers alone. You'll have to consider headers and also a larger throttle body & cold air intake system for a balanced approach to making more HP.

posted by  rklandry

2.5" straight back is your best bet. Backpressure is a thing the old farts say you must have on N/A engines but really isnt true... On every test ive seen with straight pipes on N/A engines they gain A LOT more power than muffler/cat equipped exhausts. I'm assuming you want to use this car for SCCA purposes? They have tons of classes with Neons in them and most of them run open exhausts and have N/A engines that might tell you something. In a recent test I saw they pitted your typical aftermarket exhaust (I believe it was a Greddy) on a stock B16a1 Honda engine against a 2.5" straight pipe from the header back and the 2.5" exhaust simply killed the aftermarket exhaust in power. The aftermarket exhaust gained 5-6whp while the 2.5" straight pipe gained a peak of 15whp and 10whp across most the rev range.

And let's be honest here...

Aftermarket Exhaust for a SOHC neon - around $400
2.5" Straight pipe mandrel bent - maybe $150 at the most


posted by  thunderbird1100

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