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Trying to remove the stock radio from my 93 Merc Topaz. Sounds kind of elementary but need help. There are 4 small holes in the corners of the radio, are these for some sort of removal tool?

Any help would be appreciated...Thanks

posted by  dvdb726


posted by  CarEXPERT

Exactly, and you can buy the pair for around 5 bucks. Check Radio Shack, local parts stores or you can order then from Crutchfield.com.

posted by  lectroid

yeah i just removed the radio from my 94 tempo. i found the tools at advanced auto for $3.97 before tax a & a wanted $10. they are u shaped and you just push them in the holes about an inch then once you feel them snap in just push the two tools apart and pull and the radio will come right out. there is a track that the radio slides onto. just take the white piece of plastic off the stock radio and put it on the new one and it slides right in. didnt even need a dash kit cuz it was a perfect fit

posted by  rustoff

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