Need help ASAP. Is 94 t-bird a good car?

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Hey guys I have always been a GM guy. But my cavalier took a crap on me. I found a 94 tunderbird with 78k miles on it. It has a V8 and an auto trans. I need to by a car soon and I want to go look at this one, but am unsure what usually goes bad on these cars or what little things to look for. Are the transmissions on these cars decent or is it at the end of it life at 78k ( i know they all will differ, but i just want a general idea). Any help would be great.

BTW they are asking 3k for it. If it is in good shape how much do you think I should pay.

Here is a link if it matters:


posted by  Zio7

hey. these are awesome cars. I have a 90 thunderbird SC adn used to own a 87 Thinderbird LX. They are very reliable if the car was kept up on in maintance. they are fun to drive adn get good gas mileage also. If the car is in really good shape with no visable defects 3,000 aint bad but if its fading i would try to talk them down to 2,500 to 2,800. Hope you find the car you want. :)

posted by  Foxyford83

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