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i've change my spark plug and wire
i've change my motor mount becaus my motor was too much much shaking
My car have only 153k kilometer
there a mix of oil and dust on my motor ( so the exowner beat him..i think)
a noise is coming from under the car ( i think near between motor and tranny)

i know that my 3rd cylender isn't working. Cause when i remov the 3rd wire and the motor run exactly the same and when i remove only the seconde wire my motor run smooth but on 2 cylender....

i don't know if my head gasket need to be change.. or if it is only my dis need to be change or both of them

i think my head gasket is finish cause when im near my car on outside, its smell like a mix between combusted et noncombusted gas

if someone can help me, it could be really thanksfull


Proud owner of a 1987 Mustang 2.3l

posted by  Lil' Pinch

i chased a driveability issue on my old 2.3L stang for almost a year till i ripped the motor out and sure enough like many old guys said i probably have a broken head bolt. was just enough to give me alot of problems without alot of answers. i wouldn't start by tearing it all down to that but do your ignition checks first and go from there.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

tommorow, ill look at the head's bolt.

ill be back


posted by  Lil' Pinch

Look in the oil for coolant, and look in the coolant for combustion gasses.

Easiest thing after that to do is a compression test of the suspected cylinder. Actually, test all of them (a simple spark plug hole attachment means you can do this yourself). Do each cylinder individually and write down the compression readings. If one is way off the others, it's a good bet that there is something internally wrong.

posted by  ChrisV

the one that broke on mine was between #3 and #4 cylinder i shoulda known by the oil residue on the block just below the head gasket but it wasn't till i was putting a new gasket in and taking all the head bolts out, that one bolt seemed to trun really easily and sure enough it came out and the rest of the bolt was stuck in the block. i was lucky cuz it came out with a chisel and hammer by tapping it in a counterclockwise direction, if it breaks off inside good luck dude

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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