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I have a 74 Nova Custom. Its got everything stock and i was wondering what the factory specs are on it? Horsepower and torque.

ive got the 4bbl V8 350 engine. I have rebuilt the carb and replaced gaskets. So im certain their has been a degridation in performace since it rolled off the line but i still am curious.

PS its not the SS model. And if you can find a page or something with full specs of the car, that would be even more rad. I have searched for hours with no luck. :(

Thanks for the help guys :)

posted by  jesseiscanadian


posted by  jesseiscanadian

Don't cry. Here you go.

Don't know how you missed it. I put "1974 Nova" in Google and it was the second hit. Under "Nova Info" you will find engine specs. I am sure you will find other cool stuff in there. Have fun.


posted by  theman352001

Apparently I don't know how to use the url feature. You will have to cut and paste or type it in manually.

(trying again)[/url]

posted by  theman352001

hmm that never came up. Danke :D

posted by  jesseiscanadian

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