viper or corvette?

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viper or corvette?

posted by  johnnmon9304

I think I speak for the Majority of the people out ther when I say: Viper.

posted by  Zalight

Who would win or which do I like? I like Corvette, but I think the Viper would win.

posted by  Nichol Bolas

Corvette by far. I forgot where I read this, but one mag did a track day with all the higher-end sports cars and the C6 (non Z06) beat the Viper around a road course. Imagine what the Z06 will do... Somehow a 8.3L V10 only putting out 500hp seems quite pathetic to me too when BMW has their new 5.0L V10 putting out 507hp.

posted by  thunderbird1100

Yeah, I like the Corvette better. The Viper is too crude and the first generation styling still makes me skeptical of them. However, the new SRT-10 is much better in terms of styling and refinement, nothing can beat the classic Corvette. Watch out SRT, here comes the Z06! :mrgreen:

posted by  moostang104314

Viper is faster in a straight line but that's only because of its ridiculously large engine. I believe the C6 is much more refined and is an all-round better car. Also, the Viper gets 12/21 fuel economy, C6 gets 18/28.

posted by  abless

Who give's a crap about fuel economy? A Ferrari F360 has a much more "efficient" engine that gets worse fuel economy! I've daily driven cars that get 10 mpg... But a car like this isn't going to be an only car, so what it gets for mileage is less than unimportant.

The Viper GTS is a decent all around performer, that is more rare than the Corvette 9which is why it's more expensive). The all aluminum V10 is actualy pretty compact and lightweight, and it sits pretty far back in the chassis for excellent weight distribution. it may be crude for a street car, but for a race car it's positively luxurious. Since I've lived with actual race cars on the street, the Viper doens't seem crude at all.

I love driving them. This is me in a co-worker's GTS...

posted by  ChrisV

Corvette all the way, the Z06 is gonna be amazing i cant wait until it comes out.

posted by  speedy266

posted by  born to race

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