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My '97 Malibu with a 4 cyl. enjine would not start last Friday morning in 30 degree weather. Later that day my son got home from school after the day had warmed up to the upper 40's and he tried starting it and it started no problem. Later that day I got home from work after it had cooled down again and nothing.The next day same thing , nothing in the morning then I got it started after it warmed up.I put some fuel system cleaner in went and got 92 octane gas and took it for a drive down the freeway at 60 mph for a couple minutes and now it starts every time so far. Could this have been a fuel injector issue? The reason I ask is because the check engine light stayed on while I tried to get it started when it wouldn't start.Thanks for your help.

posted by  brucesprings

92 octane will not do anything different than 87, you prolly have a bunch of crap in your tank so its best to use the cleaner and run on the highway for 20 min, that should clear it out

posted by  cowman85

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