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I have a '99 Ford Ranger with the 4.0L V6. Lately my check engine light has been on so i took it to Auto Zone and they hooked it up to a diagnostic computer and it told me i had cylinder 3 misfiring. And the guy there said it is more than likely a spark plug problem. So i took the spark plug off, cleaned it, put it back in, and checked all the connections. I then disconnected the battery to reset the computer and when i turned it back on the check engine light was still on, but the car still shakes at certain RPM's like it used to.

Any help would be appreciated

posted by  Kyle_Beckman

I also have a '99 Ranger with the 4.0. Was having rough idle at certain RPMs. Determined one spark plug was fouled, suspected anti-freeze. My mechanic confirmed that I have a blown head gasket. Ford recomends replacing both sides.

Bought this truck new in '99 and always took good care of it, and now this.

So kyle, you might want to have a compression test done. :2cents:

posted by  Wesper

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