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i have a 97 firebird and i want to swap it to a 98 or higher trans am i was told it was possible because the body style hasnt changed. all i need to do is just get the parts from the 98 or higher trans am and put it on. if thisis true all i need is a whole front end just wondering what you guys think.

posted by  b00g3yman

Do it. :thumbs:

posted by  theman352001

What type of swap are you talking about, just the exterior cosmestics? I suppose it is possible, but the main differences are gonna be your head lights/tail lights, hood, spoiler. Also you would have to change decals....Besides this point I am entirely against you doing this because you are trying to create a car people believe is a trans am, when it is really only a 3.8L vehicle. I hope you don't plan on racing people then, because the people that are gonna go up against a 5.7L would tear your 3800 apart. I also think trying to fake what your car is, is as ricey as anyone can get, especially when it isn't even a ricer vehicle. If you want to do anything cosmetic to your car, stick to the tail lights.

If you go ahead with it..... you would practically need an entire new front end.... how rich are you to be doing that? Might as well go ahead and get a cheaper trans am if ya can find one, since there may not be much, if any price difference.

posted by  Flame Roller

my dad own a junkyard and he has all the parts ram air hood two side fenders front bumper cover lights and even a 5.7 v8 engine i just need to buy the spoiler and finding a trans am is not cheaper they go for 18,000 and up still

posted by  b00g3yman

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