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While visiting my parents in Aurora, Illinois, I was picked up at the Midway Airport Chicago, and then noticed the “Service Engine Soon” light on their well maintained, 1997 Oldsmobile Bravada, which has a 4.3 liter engine, Central Sequential Fuel Injection (CSFI) and 68,000 miles on the odometer.

I asked them when the warning light came on, and what problems they were experiencing. These were their comments:

1) The “Service Engine Soon” light came on a few days prior to my visit, in the early morning, upon start-up.
2) The vehicle was hard to start, and idles rough after starting.
3) After warming up for three minutes, the idle began to smooth out, but the “Service Engine Soon” stays on.
4) The vehicle was taken to the local Oldsmobile dealer, and the problem was diagnosed with a “PO300- Random Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected” computer code. The dealers stated that the CSFI fuel injector’s “Poppet” valves were sticking open, and the system required a “Good Cleaning.”
5) The fuel injectors were cleaned thoroughly, and the failure code cleared from the computer. The dealer charged them over $120.000 for the diagnosis and repair.
6) Six weeks after this repair, the same problem happened again (i.e., misfire, and rough running upon start-up in the morning) and the “Service Engine Soon” light came on again.

The following day, I took the vehicle back to the same dealer, and was diagnosed with the same misfire computer code (PO300). The dealer also stated that the fuel injector system requires another “Good Cleaning.”

Is anyone experiencing this similar CSFI fuel injector problem? Does a “Good Cleaning” really help this condition?

posted by  Winddings

Sell Amercan made car for $1,200.00 and spend your money more wisely next time... :D

But should cover the cost of the same repair again...right?

posted by  BavarianWheels

usually dealers put a 90 day warranty on stuff thats inside the engine. But i'm guessin probably that one of the spark plug wires is either damaged or faulty. and they probably didn't clean all the grime out of it that collects over 63,000 Miles. it's doesn't really sound like too big of a deal.

plus if you take it back to the same dealer as b4 and they want to charge you again, have it looked at by a few other shops. u might get the same reason from everyone of the shops but then again it could be a whole different problem. and smaller shops are usually more honest, and try a bit harder to find and fix the problem.

posted by  ChevySuxD0ng

I'm having the same problem with the plugs being fouled and the engine running rough. What was the solution, was it electrical or did you have to replace the injectors? I was told by a mechanic that GM had problems with the injectors, although, :banghead: I have alot of miles on the engine. :banghead:

posted by  mychevy

I am a ASE certified mechanic (24 Years Military). I have a 96 chevy truck with csfi injection and was having the same trouble. I was stumped so I took my truck to the dealer and they told me they could fix the problem for about $2,000. Me knowing better snuck back into the garage and talked to the mechanic, he said they (GM) had a lot of problems with the csfi system and had to totally redesign the fuel injection unit (but not enough for a recall).
The new unit costs around $400-$500 dollars and I would have to have a new fuel pump (in the fuel tank) and a new catalitic converter because raw gas was dripping from my tail pipe. I did get the new pump installed myself, and it is truely a pain to change and my problems were solved. Since then I have replaced the fuel pump ($150 dollars) because the fuel pressure is critical (60-66 psi), if you don't have the pressure the system will give you even more problems. I haven't replaced the cat converter ($350 plus for welding)but I probably will have to some time in the near future. I hope this word gets out, if enough people complain of the problem they will have to make a recall and the parts that are at fault will be replaced free of charge by the dealer.

posted by  seabeemechanic

I have a 97 GMC Jimmy 4.3l v-6 with the same problems over the last 40k miles or so. I have cleaned injectors, replaced electrical, tested sensors, got the same misfire code that tells you nothing, heres what i found. My fuel pressure from the in- tank pump was dropping from 66psi to nothing with 20 seconds or so when testing with the key on but not running, while running it would keep up to 50psi or so, turns out the fuel pressure regulator on the metering body of the spider CSFI system was leaking gas through, this extra gas dumping in the manifold was not getting to the cylinders but the sensors would read the air fuel mixture to be too rich and adjust for less gas to the injectors, compounding accelerating problem, the Idle Air Control valve was black and had to be cleaned to allow it to move again, check for this regulator leaking or anything else leaking gas into the manifold area, if it is not holding the pressure from the pump. I also smell a lot of gas on startup, and gas mileage was dropping more and more as the leaking became worse i assume. Good luck, this was a real difficult one to pin down.

posted by  woodwick

My vehicle is a 97 GMC Jimmy, we had the same symptom and problems that kept getting worse until i finally figured it out, the FUel Pressure Regulator was bad, and was leaking gas through it. Replaced it and it runs like new again! It is mounted on the metering block that all the injector lines plug into. All the gas being dumped caused the fuel pressure to be lost when the pump wAS not running, making it tough to start, poor gas mileage since the fuel that leaked was not burning, sensors reading fuel mixture wrongly reported that the mix was too rich and adjusted to decrease fuel to injectors, this caused lack of power and poor overall running. We also started smelling gas when running and especially when starting it up. Good luck!

posted by  woodwick

Ok ppls your my last hope! I have a 89 Jimmy with a 4.3L in it. the truck has sat for about 1 year. I have replaced the engine with a 4.3 out of a 92 Jimmy. My problem is when I turn the key, the injectors are dumping fuel into the intake through the carb, *THE TRUCK DOESNT RUN* this problem didnt happen in the 92 Jimmy I took the engine out, but it did run a bit rich*.I have put used injectors in it (without replacin the gaskets yet..I know Im going to do this tomorrow) as well as I got a different computer ( I believe its a 8063) and still getting the same thing, I have jumped the 3 wires to the computer and have the same problem. As well I called the dealer and they said it should "prime" when you turn the key, and it doesnt do that, but when you put the key to crank, its dumping fuel like crazy! I have never seen something like this befor...Some people said it might be the gas is bad or replace the gaskets, I have already spend about $300 on some used and new parts and figure I would ask online maybe someone has heard of had the same problem and Im getting really frustrated over this!! :banghead: SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! :banghead:

posted by  tonto815

Yeah, "the injectors are dumping fuel into the intake through the carb". Read that one at least ten times, log onto for some help in critical thought... And call me in the morning. :banghead:

posted by  vwhobo

vwhobo, you have got to be one stupid kid, I Have read all these posts, twice, and if I had the same problem I wouldnt post the one I Did. Do me a favor, go home and punch your mom in the face for raising a stupid kid like you! :thumbs:

posted by  tonto815

Ug Tonto, you should have heep big white man, the Lone Ranger read this for you.

You have elevated the art of being a clueless idiot to new levels. First off I'm certainly not a kid. As a matter of fact at this point in my life, my age is probably a few points higher than you IQ as evidenced by...

I gave you two simple directions, IN ORDER, and you were unable to accomplish them proficiently. Read your post again you e-tard imbecile. Your own words say the engine has fuel injection which surprisingly, considering the source, is correct. Then you are sure to let the whole world know that the injectors are dumping fuel through the carb. Please explain how you have the only GMC 4.3 liter engine ever built with fuel injection AND a carburetor. Yeah, that's what I thought.

You are proof positive that humans shouldn't have sex with orangutans or their next of kin.

posted by  vwhobo

I think you should really stick to your VW's and let us big boys try and figure this one out ... :fu:

posted by  tonto815

I think you should really stick to your VW's and let us big boys try and figure this one out ... :fu: and its a TBI if Im not mistaken! fruityass!

posted by  tonto815

Well it's a good thing for everybody here that nobody gives a rat's ass what you think. You keep answering your own question but are to stupid to realize it. TBI is an acronym for Throttle Body Injection. You DO NOT have a carburetor, you have a throttle body. Do you feel stupid enough yet or do you want to keep going?

BTW, just because VW is part of my screen name, NEVER EVER think that I'm only experienced with VW's. Also NEVER EVER wonder if I know more about what you're talking about than you do because I most assuredly do. Of course any one the kids that sweeps floors at my shops (yes, multiple plurals) seem to know more than you. Finally "big boy", I'll be happy to put up my experience and credentials against yours any day of the week. Then you'll find out you're not even qualified to be a pimple on my ass.

Please do us all a favor and stick to posting what you actually know about... But then you wouldn't have anything to say, would you? One last thing. Using the :fu: smilie in the context you have displays ingorance on your part and decreases your IQ by 25 points per use. You have one use left before turning into a house plant.

posted by  vwhobo

If you were so smart, you would have realized I meant Throttle body, and I did correct myself as well. For someone in your shoes to belittle someone for getting frustrated over something like this is beyond me, but never the less I got my truck running :thumbs: !

Here is what the problem was....As I said befor the injectors would dump fuel into the throttle body. The other day thinkin about it and reading the most common problems with the TBI, I decided to chech the fule pressure regulator. When I pulled it apart, the spring was broken on the one I just put on there, as well the diaphram on the other one had a small crack in it.This is the most common problem with the TBI Injection.

posted by  tonto815

Oh, you are a genius aren't you. The only wear part on the TBI unit is the fuel pressure regulator and it only took you two weeks to figure out that's the problem. I think I should hire you today.

Now let's really play stump the dummy (you). Everyone else in this thread is dealing with a Vortec 4.3, not a TBI 4.3 so... How excactly is your wealth of knowledge going to help them? It's not. Do you even know the difference between the two engine management systems? I bet not. Is there anything I missed? Probably but I'm sure you'll type some ignorant response and remind me.

P.S. Are you sure you don't want to compare experience and credentials with me "big boy"? I notice you conviniently forgot about that. You can call me Kemosabe.

posted by  vwhobo

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