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i have a 95 mustang v6. is there anyway i could make it sound any louder, since its so quiet, without buying a full exhaust system?...if i took the exhaust pipe off, so it just ended at the muffler, would it be alot louder?...any suggestions will help, thanks

posted by  bball4life1088

If you took off your exhaust pipe after the muffler, it would be a louder but not the kind of sound you are probably looking for. I'm trying to visualize the exhaust on the V6 95's............What you should do, is look into Borla, Dynomax, or Flowmaster exhaust. If you don't want to invest into a whole exhaust system, just get the muffler. Changing the muffler will make it sound a lot better if you were to choose one of those I mentioned. You could always take the Cat's off and weld some pipe in it's place. You'll have to weld off some other things and put up with the smell of burning raw gas under you all the time. That's kind of a bad idea though. Oh and another bad Idea, (I know this cause I tried it) don't go under the car and drill holes in the exhaust system..........I tried and it was louder and all, but sounded like Rice rattling down the road.

If you want to make the front end of your car louder, take off the air silencer. It'll sound like you have a cold air intake and give you a little more horses if you take that off and strip the housing.

Take it easy and do it smart!

posted by  Hepatitus

There. It's louder. :p

Seriously, just like Hepatitus said above, there are many ways to make your car sound louder. Most aren't going to give you a desirable result.
Spend the money on a quality system.

posted by  Gothicaleigh

hahaha... :laughing:

Ohh, I was just thinking about how my idiot friends and I always take off the airbox and exhaust off peoples car and rev it just to see how loud it is. Then we put everything back on of course.

My brother has a Focus ZX3, we took out the exhaust from the cat back, and had a muffler shop put a 2.5" straight pipe all the way back, no mufflers, no resonators, just pipe. It was loud as hell, but then his cat got clogged, so we took it off and took everything out of it, so now its just a resonator. His car sounds like an SCCA road racer. Its so loud!! :laughing:

posted by  Zalight

yeah, i would just put on another muffler, but i think it would look silly with it bein loud, and just one exaust pipe going out the back.

posted by  bball4life1088

Upgrade the full system or, if you want to get the look on the cheap, get a cat-back dual system...

posted by  Gothicaleigh

Taking off the tailpipe will do nothing for sound on your may be louder inside, but outside it will remain the same. There are many quality cat-back exhaust systems available for the V-6 'stangs. Most are well priced dual exhaust systems...look into MagnaFlow, Mac, and DynoMax...there are others I'm forgetting but by all means, stay away from flowmaster.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

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