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I just got a '95 ford explorer and i know with alot of cars you can make your own clear lenses/tail lights. has any one done this to an explorer, if so how

posted by  nospeed_12

i don't think i've ever heard of anyone making their own lenses, clear or not
buying them, yes, but making them? doubt it...
but i've been wrong before

posted by  asa67_stang

1. Even if you could make your own how would you propose to make them optically correct. After all a tail light lense is more than a piece of transparent red plastic.

2. Why do people put clear tail light lenses on a vehicle, then put smoked covers on the headlamps?

3. Asa, if you're an L6 kinda guy, why do you have a V8 avatar?

Thank you for allowing me to free associate.

posted by  vwhobo

1) i'll assume it's for nospeed_12 to answer

2) cause they are idiots who don't actually think about what they are doing

3) several different reasons actually
a) cause i'm different in a "special" way, if i could find one as an L6, i'd use it instead (for some reason, most people don't like inline six engines, don't know why...)
b) cause while i'm partial to L6's i like just about anything i can wrench on
-and lastly-
c) cause it's cool (for more info on this one, please see #2 above)

it'll change in a month or two to something else though, soon as i find something else to distract me

anyways, it works for now, my current mode of transport is a PITA chebbie
'86 model, powered by a fire breathing 4.3L beast! :rolleyes:
soon as i get home on leave i'm gonna drop that thing off at my dad's and get my truck

posted by  asa67_stang

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